Ten Minutes Of inFamous: Second Son Appears

More footage of inFamous: Second Son has appeared online showing Delsin running around and causing some kind of havoc. This is offscreen so the visuals and sound aren’t as great as they would be if captured directly. The gameplay also alludes to what kind of world will be experienced by players, with people running away from Delsin out of fear despite him telling them not to be scared of him.

Then you have the security teams trying to shoot him but also being mindful of civilians, saying “Watch out for the civilians. They’re innocent.”

It’s looking good and I am looking forward to entering the inFamous universe again after really enjoying Cole’s adventures.

Source: IGN


  1. Gameplay looks good, but the voicework…

    The delivery of it is completely out of context with whatever action is being carried out on screen.

    Also a distracting lack of reactions from Delsin- think of Uncharted, and Drake grunting as he jumps across a gap.

    Sound is at least as important as the visuals, and while the graphics are undoubtedly stunning, I’m shocked to see voicework as bad as above in a flagship next gen game.

    • Watched the vid after looking at what you said and I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary, apart from the voice tones of Delsin being casual and unwavering. I think he’s supposed to be like that though lol!

      Anyways, hard to tell from an indirect capture with all the people talking at CES.

    • I can see what you mean but the character is very nonchalant. Sadly, the biggest problem is that dialogue during gameplay means that the devs can’t really allow for radical pitch changes depending on whether you’re standing still or in the middle of a fire right.

      Interestingly, State of Decay (which I’ve been playing tonight) has the character you control stop the person on the comms with a simple “hang on a minute” or something similar. The other person then starts back up when the action has subsided. It works really well and they’ll repeat the whole sentence which makes good sense too.

  2. bah! once you’ve played in one sandbox you’ve played in them all..
    crackdown,prototype and infamous…all very similar in game play but with different twists and characters..
    looks nice though and no doubt will dip my toe on this beach..

    • Just like State of Decay and GTA, eh? Quite different, I feel. Actually, once you see an open-world game you realise it’s then about the game itself and not the environment. What do the devs do with an open world, as such. I’m expecting a refined-to-buggery version of inFamous 2 with lavish visuals.

  3. Looks great ty for posting this up. When 2nd son was originally listed as PS4 exclusive I wasn’t that interested but the more I see it the more I can’t wait.

    I personally thought there was nothing wrong with the voice overs or dialogue – its a bit cheesy but no more than others I’ve seen.

    What did annoy me was that guys inability to play it – 10 mins gameplay *8 of which it took him to work out he needed to kill the bad guys*


  4. With so little I’m interested in coming on PS4 over the next six months, I’ll more than likely grab this. Watch Dogs is still top of the list though.

  5. Will be grabbing this.

  6. Wish I could just “grab it” like others above. Sadly, I’d have to pay. Besides I’m actually not interested, I know it’s just the same stale gameplay as the other infamous games and I find it utterly boring. Might as well have a gun in your hand because it plays exactly as if you do.

  7. wow!! this is the game I’m looking forward to the most this year love the series.

  8. I really enjoyed the last couple of infamous games (and the Halloween add-on) so this was one I was looking out for when the PS4 was announced. So far it looks pretty good, kind of similar to the previous, but that is not a bad thing at all.

  9. looks the same as the others and nothing very interesting or inspiring from this. I’ll stay away from this I think and try something else. Another sandbox game that seems repetitive as all the rest.

  10. here is the direct capture of the same demo in HD..


    • That video is a lot more impressive, especially seeing someone in control that can play the game a bit.

    • Thank you very much!

    • I have to say this video does make it look much better

    • ^ +1 cheers :)

      Yep, way better demo with someone who can play games \o/

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