Thatgamecompany Has Managed To Get $7 Million For Its Next Game

Thatgamecompany is a studio that has created games that you wouldn’t necessarily describe as conventional, from the likes of Flower to the more recent Journey. Now the studio has announced that it has managed to raise $7 million through investment from various firms including the Chinese Capital Today Group, as well as American venture capital group Benchmark, and other smaller investors.

Though there’s no real information on what the game will actually be, there are hints as to how thatgamecompany will be approaching it, with the project apparently being the studio’s most ambitious one yet and that it will be created to appeal to a wide audience of all ages. The studio also wants to create something that will rely on “real human connections” that will provide the heart of the experience.


We probably won’t receive an actual announcement until later this year or even next year, but it’s nice to see thatgamecompany is hard at work on something new.

Source: Forbes



  1. Given their track record of excellent games I loved to play, it’s good to hear they got the funds for the next game.
    Flower was a great game, and I’ll have to go back to Journey at some point.

  2. Great news, I’ve enjoyed both Flower and Journey and look forward to hearing more on their new game.

  3. Great stuff, Journey provided a unique online experience and i’m looking forward to seing how they build on that.

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