Godzilla May Be Going On A Rampage On PS3 This Winter

It looks like the King of the monsters, Godzilla, may be getting its own game on PS3 later this year, at least according to a leak Famitsu are reporting on. The game is apparently being developed by Bandai Namco, who have modelled Godzilla on the S.H. Monsterarts figures, an example of which is below.



As Godzilla players will be able to cause a whole lot of damage to the setting, though whether that will a virtual Tokyo or some other part of the world has not been confirmed. Nor do we know which other monsters from the lore will turn up to do battle with Godzilla, though I’d imagine quite a few to add some longevity to the game. I’d also guess you’d have to take out some military force too.

Source: GamingEverything/SH Monsterarts



  1. “As Godzilla players will be able to cause a whole lot of damage to the setting”

    Is this from a press release or something, or has it simply been assumed? As it could be that Godzilla is actually the antagonist. Although that would perhaps be a bit spoilerific for who you may face off against as the main boss!

    If it has been stated that you play as Godzilla though, I would at least expect to see Mothra make an appearance.

    • It’s from the Famitsu piece, which was translated by the source.

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