Community Chronicle: 29/06/14

You know that it’s the height of the British summer when, midway through the Wimbledon fortnight, there’s big rain showers to break up the patches of warmth from the sun. Still, it’s not like I was planning on being outside too much today anyway!


After all the excitement of E3, there’s still plenty of news floating around, but it strays away from being too controversial this week. Instead, we’ll start by wishing Satoru Iwata well after his surgery, as well as congratulating him on being re-elected as Nintendo president off the back of an impressive 2 million sales of Mario Kart 8 for Wii U.

Edalve0 said, “Nice to see they’ve kept him on. Nintendo don’t seem to just get rid of people when things get tough – I like that.

“Hardly surprising MK8 is performing well; it’s a series everyone knows. Hell, I came home from work on Thursday and my wife was unboxing a MK8 bundle in our living room after randomly swapping her PS4 for it at GAME!”

It’s certainly going to be very interesting to see just how big a revival the console does see off the back of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. later this year. Can it come to sustain itself and become profitable?

Elsewhere, it was revealed that Assassin’s Creed Unity won’t feature the competitive multiplayer modes that have been in the series for the last few years, favouring the previously revealed co-operative play in its place.

It’s a move which was received well, with double-o-dave relating, “I’m glad they’re killing off the Competitive Multiplayer, I thought it was awful. I played though the training and still couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on.” Leeroye added, “These types of games are far better suited to co-op than MP. I’m more than happy that they have gone down this route, take note Naughty Dog.”

Finally, there was a bubbling up of anger at the reveal of the July update for PlayStation Plus, with rSp8 angry at the “rip off barstewards! Putting Strider on the IGC a month after it was sale.” while psychobudgie said that Towerfall was “as much use as a chocolate fireguard” if you only have one controller.

It’s a shame that some people always seem to feel agrieved at some recent purchase of duplication that they then see in each PS+ update, but DJ Judas’ stance was a little more neutral:

Yet another bittersweet set of entries for Plus. I love it, but it repeatedly punishes me for buying download-only games on release.

A good problem to have, nonetheless.

You win some and you lose some, I guess!


We’ve another quick submission for Gaming Places this week, as Tanster popped up with the details on his rather cool set up.

Naturally there’s things like a PS3 and a PS4, next to TV watching gizmos from Sky and Apple, but this is all hooked into a Full HD 3D projector, which shines its light onto a gigantic 133″ screen, literally taking over an entire wall of the room! It’s backed up with some Sony 7.1 headphones and a Sony Soundbar for the audio.

A lovely arrangement, I’m sure you’ll agree.


We’ll start off with the hoisting of a few new fastest platinum records this week, as R1MJAW was first to the line with MotoGP 14 on PS4, wrapping up the platinum in a particularly speedy time. Harm Rehal’s also got himself onto the fastest platinum boards with Rambo The Video Game, while I found it pleasantly amusing to see records posted for Rayman Legends. Twice.

You see, Shaggy2Dope popped up with a platinum from the PS Vita version just a day or two before Crazy_Del checked another game off his backlog with Rayman Legends on PS3! Speaking of Del and his backlog, he finally found the last LittleBigPlanet tutorial to complete for the platinum, as well as polishing off Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

The various piles of shame have been taking a little hammering this week, it seems, as Stueeeee earnt the platinum for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, blast71 finished the Crysis 2 single player – though not finding it quite as fun as the original – and Steelhead has just a little grinding to do before he can try to tackle the final boss in Final Fantasy IV.

At least Youles is bang up to date, having done all of the side missions and extra content in Watch Dogs, now just facing a quick sprint through the game’s campagin for the platinum trophy, that he might get down to co-op sharpshooting in Sniper Elite 3 as soon as possible.

This page is done and dusted, barring the usual submissions form below, but head over to page two for the latest refresh of the Trophy Leaderboard.

If people want to send photos in of their gaming rigs, I’ll be happy to post them. Just use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

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  1. I have an achievement to share, I’ve finally gona and bought a PS4, yay!
    Nice set up Tanster, got any pictures of the screen with a game on it?

  2. That set up looks bloody incredible, very jealous!

  3. As great as that gaming set up seems, I’ve always been very dubious of projectors, unless you’re in a pitch black room they’re just not very good. Would be awesome for a basement I guess.

  4. Yet again it’s telling me 0 trophies gained. I don’t get it, thought there was automatic updates now?

    • I think that you need to log onto the Playstation website and click on your portable id, even though you can’t update, it still needs clicking!

    • Yeah, it’s exactly as Freeze says. There’s no update button to press, but it still needs a login.

  5. Cracking gaming set up, thinks GT6 Cockpit/Dashboard camera view….neat ;)

  6. A bonkers setup there, no doubt enhanced by true 1080p games on the PS4 and more than anticipating future 4K resolutions.

    1 up on the leaderboard there. Anticipating the summer break and churning through lots of games, and the trophies to go with em.

  7. Well done all on those achievements and nice set up Tanster.

  8. a lovely setup!

    i have been thinking about getting a projector to game on! but i have heard that gaming on a projector in a white room isn’t optimal. and since my walls are all white i have hesitated some since i don’t wanna rush a purchase and then find the experience crap!

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