PlayStation 4 Exclusive Rime Gets A Colourful New Trailer

Sony has revealed a new trailer for PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime, and it shows the main character having fun exploring the island he finds himself on. He goes diving, swimming, and even breaks a statue which I think is much more than that. It’s all done against a backdrop of very colourful and bright visuals, with some beautiful animation.

But not all is right with the island and soon  the young boy must learn how to escape the traps of it. There’s no release date as of yet.

Source: Gamescom



  1. for a while there, i thought this might be what the Last Guardian had turned into.

    it does have a bit of a Team Ico feel.

    • It definitely does . Is there any connection at all?

    • Exactly the impression I got too

  2. I like the art. Looks interesting. Also an exclusive, great stuff.

  3. I’m thinking Zelda meets Ico, but I may not be doing it justice.. Definitley interesting tho.

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