Alone In The Dark: Illumination Coming This Autumn For PC

We’re fast approaching 22 years since the original Alone in the Dark video game appeared on PC, and it’s been about six years since the last entry received mostly negative reviews on last-gen hardware. For Atari, that apparently means enough time has passed to try again, as they’ve announced a new entry in the franchise titled Alone in the Dark: Illumination.



Atari says it’s a re-imaginging of the classic PC game from the early 90’s, and that it’s being developed by a studio called Pure, with whom we’re unfamiliar. Expect more details out of PAX Prime next week, as Atari says that’s when the game will be getting a proper reveal. Until then, head to the comments and let us know if you were gaming back in 1992 when the original hit store shelves.

Source: VideoGamer



  1. I actually loved the last Alone in the Dark game. The enhanced version for PS3 had some really fun moments, interesting game mechanics and a really gripping storyline. I even liked the heavily-criticised driving section – though mainly due to the awesome Mystery of Hungarian Voices soundtrack in that section.

    • Not sure I would go as far as saying I loved the game, but I found it a pretty solid affair & not really worthy of the criticism it received. Granted, most of that was levied at the Xbox version & not the PS3 version that had tweaks & extra stuff applied, but still.

      I did enjoy the game though & considered it worthy of playing through for the platinum.

      I would play a new one. But I don’t have a PC. :(

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