Community Round-Up: 06/09/14

Did anyone else catch the brilliant advert for the Rugby World Cup next year with Charles Dance in it? That was my highlight of the week as I forgot tickets go on sale soon, though it looks like my PS4 purchase might get pushed back even further looking at the ticket prices!

Anyway, what was your highlight of the week? Maybe it was finally logging into PSN after hours of endless error codes, or perhaps you remembered there’s only 3 more days to go until Destiny is released? Drop your comments below, after you’ve read this week’s Community Round-Up!

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This week on the Meets front we can probably expect the busy Battlefield Meet on Friday, with Monday night’s GT6 Meet and Wednesday night’s Red Dead Meet joining it.

As always, you can add your own Meet to the list, provided you have more than 250 TSA Points.

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It’s been fairly quiet in terms of both Reviews and Previews, as we’ve only got 3 and 4 apiece this week. We had a mixed bunch with the Reviews, with Velocity 2X being the high scorer with a 10/10 from Stefan, who described it as a “pitch perfect shoot ‘em up”.

Meanwhile, Aran called Tales of Xillia 2 a “very good game”, even though it wasn’t as good as its predecessor, while at the bottom of the pile this week, Runners, a roguelike PC game, was given a 5/10 by Sam.

In the Previews, Stefan argued Styx: Master of Shadows deserves to be on more peoples’ radars as it’s looking like it could be a rather good stealth game, which will be available to download on PC, PS4 and Xbox One later this year. He also looked at Far Cry 4 and the places you’ll visit, such as mountain tops and Shangri-La, before blasting off out of this world for some galactic conquering in Civilization: Beyond Earth. Guest writer Tom Daniel also popped in with a look at The Escapists, a prison escape game with a 16-bit art style that seems to suit it well.

In terms of videos this week, you can watch Blair play some Velocity 2X, or watch him and Wick15 cooperatively slice ‘n’ dice in Surgeon Simulator for PS4. Meanwhile, PlayBack included a look at Pikmin 3 with Sam, as Darksiders featured in a Matter of Perspective from Aran. 

From the Blogs, Gareth brilliantly writes about addressing the problems of the games industry, Sam explores the interactive visual novel that is Hatoful Boyfriendand Blair explores how Scotland’s Independence could affect its games industry.

Moving on to the Community articles, and Strider didn’t get a wholly positive Verdict, but let’s hope Wolfenstein: The New Order fairs better in the latest WeView. In last Sunday’s Chronicle, Hot Topics included your comments about the PSN attack, Amazon’s purchase of Twitch, and lastly the New 3DS and New 3DS XL consoles.

Ending off the week, it looks like the Podcast has gone AWOL, but you can still take a look at What We Played #172 to see what the gang have been up to this week.

 It was another quiet week in the Forums, but Double-o-Dave has been a bit busy!

I’ve now got just one week left before I join the wonderful world of employment, so I’ll be spending it sleeping and lazing about in every other way I know how! See ya!



  1. The RWC advert was brilliant (even with Ireland more or less missing!). Charles Dance knows how to deliver a speech!

    • Yeah, was odd that there were no Irish, All Blacks or Pumas players, but it was still a brilliant ad!

      • I do love how the All Blacks just brushed off their lack of appearance. More of a shame for the Pumas, think a lot of people forget they grabbed 3rd place in 2007.

        Would love to think that EA will come out with a proper made rugby game for the World Cup, but reckon that will be wishful thinking. I know that Rugby 15 is being made, but it looks awful!

      • What are those rugby games like? I’ve never seen one myself never mind played one.I’m gonna presume they have similar mechanics to the footy games?

      • I know, Rugby 15 sounded promising, but all the footage so far looks like a PS2 game!

        They’re pretty much your standard sports games like FIFA or Madden, EA’s Rugby 2004 was my favourite, the most recent ones (Rugby Challenge and Rugby World Cup 2011) just ruined the core mechanics (e.g button mashing to win rucks and mauls) and were rubbish in general.

      • Doesn’t help that particularly in the Rugby Challenge game you can almost always perfectly offload out of tackles, made even easier if you play as New Zealand.

        I did find it comical however that in Rugby Challenge, due to the lack of licensing, that Ulster and Ireland’s Stephen Ferris was represented as a bald, black man.

  2. Best of luck with the new job Gazza, it’ll steal most of your time but the end rewards will always justify the sacrifice. Enjoy the remaining leisure time ;)

    • Cheers, I know I’m going to start valuing my free time more and more, it dawned on me while watching FP1 and FP2 at Monza yesterday that it would be the last time I’m able to do so!

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