Godzilla Struts His Stuff In Footage From TGS

I really, really want this game to be good but it is rather hard to tell from this new footage from Tokyo Game Show.

There does not appear to be much to the title other than stomping around the play area and destroying everything you can see. On the plus side, you get to do that as Godzilla, which is just cool.


Godzilla will be released by Bandai Namco in Japan, exclusively on PS3. No word on a western release so far but the game does include the most recent movie incarnation of the famous lizard and that would appeal to American gamers.

Source: YouTube


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  1. This has to come to the EU it’d be a crime against gaming if it didn’t,i mean how often do you get to play as Godzilla and totally destroy cities?
    They should of had Godzuki in the game and you could of used him to do things Godzilla is to big to do,or side missions of his own.

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