Evolution: Driveclub Server Issues Are “Frustrating”

Driveclub developer Evolution has said they are “just as frustrated as you about the server performance issues.”

If you get connected you should be able to play without hindrance as the servers are running, it is getting a place on a server that is the problem.


“In case you don’t already know, the servers are up and running but they are hitting their performance limits,” explained Evolution in a Facebook post. “They won’t accept new connections until one of the current online players frees up their space (allowing another to join in their place, which happens automatically and player selection is random).”

“When you finish and disconnect, you’ll free up a space for someone else. This is obviously not ideal, especially given that there are a lot of players waiting to connect, but that’s how it’s working right now. ”

It does sound like they have massively underestimated the server capacity that would be required, which itself is rather odd. Besides those who purchased they game the must have surely planned for the thousands of PlayStation Plus gamers who would be playing the free version and factored this in to the number of servers connection required.

As it stands, the servers that were meant to host everyone cannot even host those who bought the full game. Perhaps Driveclub has massively exceeded its sales expectations?

Source: Facebook



  1. Excuse my ignorance, but is there the Developers/Publishers’ being tight and not providing or renting (again, not sure how it works) enough servers?

    Who is to blame, I need to point my blaming finger?

  2. What? Undercapacity is the problem? How is this even poossible when they exclude MILLIONS of Plus users?

    This is very amateuristic.

  3. Unfortunately it’s really not good enough. Kudos for an explanation and honesty but still, come on.

    • It’s like turning up for a first date that you’ve already postponed and then when you do eventually show, you’re in your pyjamas and there’s a look on her face that lets you know that ordering a main course will be a waste of money.

      Whether it’s the first date or DriveClub, this bitch isn’t going to let you ride her no matter what you try.

  4. You never get this with call of duty

    • Call of Duty has had game after game, year after year to get this right. That’s not a fair comparison. However, it doesn’t stop Evolution’s effort be anything but piss-poor, so fill your boots! :-)

    • But you do get lag/lag compensation with Call of Duty, since Activision do not provide dedicated servers, despite being absolutely minted.

    • Yes you’re right as CoD is peer to peer. CoD multiplayer has no servers apart from those that collect game stats.

  5. It is surprising that they are have server issues even before releasing the PS+ version. It one thing to under-guess number of servers, but this would be a massive under-guess. I’m thinking there is some bug which means per server capacity is not what they were expecting.

  6. I feel bad for Evolution. Was really looking forward to picking this up but can’t justify it. They have no excuse. This should have been a smooth launch. Oh well.

    • Agreed. This looks incredibly unprofessional and it really should have been dealt with beforehand. Hell, even if there was a slight delay getting on, it would have been something but locking out the PS+ players and STILL having trouble is shockingly amateurish.

  7. This game is doomed. Poor sods

  8. Someone must have done their sums wrong.

    They ran a closed beta for this with some of the community, so will have been aware of the load on servers for that community. I think the problem here is scaling that up to the potential regional community – that they are having problems supporting just those purchasing the full version and not even considering the PS+ community makes me wonder how this has gone so wrong.

    They must have anticipated a high uptake of the PS+ version on launch, known the numbers who have a PS+ subscription, and provisioned servers to cope with this.

  9. What a shame after waiting a whole yr for this game to release .. its hard to accept the developers didn’t have a working system prior to the games release … with all the down time this title had the game should run flawlessly off n online also providing game modes for everyone including the players who just want to race against other players in a whoever gets to the finish line first style race

  10. Need for speed rivals was thrown out there last yr with not one piece of dlc that adds new races or any sort of new pavement to burn up no challenge series etc .. I don’t see why they kept releasing dlc packs with new vehicles for us drive on the same roads over n over again .. I feel like these developers don’t really put much into satisfying the customers when it comes to racing games

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