Evolution Offers Further Driveclub Update, Challenges & Social Updates Unavailable

Evolution has released a further statement this evening regarding the status of Driveclub, and its shaky launch. As of now the social aspects of the game including the challenges are unavailable, but if you do get online you can compete in multiplayer races. The full statement is below for your reading. Hopefully this launch fiasco will be sorted over the weekend, and we’ll see the PS Plus edition of Driveclub appear fully operational soon.

We are working hard to get everyone online as soon as possible. We have just released another server update that has increased the number of players racing which is good news, but in order to keep building on these numbers we will be running further updates in the coming days that will affect availability of some of the online game features.

Some functions are temporarily unavailable including challenges and social updates, but for those of you that can connect, you will still be able to participate in clubs, leaderboards and online multiplayer races.

This is in addition to the single player Tour mode, custom solo events and car customisation that are available even when you’re not connected. We appreciate this isn’t ideal but this is really the best way for us to improve server performance and online play for everybody, and we will be switching on these features as further progress is made.

Thanks for bearing with us and sending us your supportive comments. Believe us, we know how frustrating this is for you and we are working non-stop to find the best solution to get you all connected and racing together online.

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  1. Well I have to say this is without a doubt the worst game I have wasted £40 on so far this gen. Wish I wasn’t so impatient and just waited for that PS+ version to appear.

    Graphics…thought they were supposed to be amazing!? Some of the worst I’ve seen on PS4 so far apart from the cool lighting effects and actual car models. The scenery looks terrible, very 2D ‘carboard cutout’ in places and its far from smooth to play.

    The game as a whole is very drab, unpolished and unfinished. Dull menu’s, everything just seems so plain boring and has a severe lack of polish.

    Of course I cant say much about the online side of things as it doesn’t work, but the single player/campaign is poor, and even it has a few major bugs/flaws…with you not even being able to finish a race without a near half second pause as you cross the finish line :(

    • I’m loving the game, the environment graphics aren’t as brilliant as I thought they would be but that doesn’t bother me as I use the cockpit view so you don’t see as much of it as you would in other views.
      The most important thing for a racing game is the handling and it’s spot on (for me), it’s just a shame there’s no support for my Logitech wheel.
      As for the online and social parts of the game, well I’m happy with Tour mode for now.

      • Yeah I understand that of course the handling is the most important aspect of a racer, but we are playing a PS4 exclusive here , and it looks very PS3 to me apart from a couple of lighting effects here and there as mentioned. Doesn’t even look as good as a poor port.

        It looks rushed and like it could’ve done with a few more years development.

        I really don’t feel like I’m playing a ‘next gen’ title with Driveclub at all. GT6 actually looks better than this to me.

        The preview clips and so on did make this look awesome…and I’m sure it was supposed to be gameplay footage but it seems like a completely different game to me from what I’d seen.

        The handling is good, I’ll give you that, but it’s a pretty average game in all other areas at least in my view

    • In loving it too.
      Oddly enough from what I’ve seen so far, the worst tracks graphics wise are the India tracks. On the other hand though, depending on what time it is & the position of the sun, it can look amazing with the lighting effects. I just raced in Norway & thought the scenery was great.
      Handling seems to suit me down to a Tee too.
      I must admit tho, apart from the online shenanigans it does seem slightly rushed but I’m pretty sure this will all get better over time.

      • I’m really enjoying it also the handling is spot on and the night driving and most of the tracks look lovely with a nice effect of leaves and other things like carrier bags being thrown up,also a lot of the videos prior to release where with the weather effects like rain and fog which are to be added in a patch later so it will add to the look.

        All in all im enjoying it a lot more than i did Forza when i had the Xbone which just bored me,glad i bought DC though hopefully Evolution have my favourite racer of there’s in the pipeline as a PS4 version of Motorstorm would be amazing.

      • The lighting effects are really good and can be blinding when the sun is head on in cockpit view….. Has anyone found which button you press to fold down the sun visors? :-}

  2. Evolution have pretty much redefined the disastrous launch. “system seller” ha ha, I know two people who sold their PS4’s today so I guess it really is a system seller!

    • Two people sold their PS4’s because they have to wait a few days to play a game? Did they stamp their feet, spit out their dummies and roll on the ground too? Ahahaha

      • They’re both mainly into racers and this was the one game that would’ve made them keep it but with the mediocre reviews they’re content with Forza Horizon 2 instead and a load of trade-in credit. Nothing to do with the delay.

      • Metacritic score for Driveclub, 72. Forza Horizon 2, 85. Hardly stellar reviews for either game to be honest.

        So your friends traded in their PS4’s because one racing game recieved ‘mediocre’ reviews. Did they even play it? Or do they base their enjoyment of a game on other people’s opinions? Then went out an bought an XB1 for a racing game with slightly less mediocre reviews. Ha.

        Admit it, they’re imaginary friends aren’t they.

        Well I have 500 friends who decided to burn their XB1’s at the stake when Titanfall received mediocre reviews. They all rushed out and bought PS4’s the same day so they could play Knack.

      • Ok, I’ll leave it there since you are getting personal and abusive. If you’re losing an argument try to restrain yourself in future.

      • This doesn’t sound silly at all to me. I was close to selling my PS4 earlier this summer due to the lack of racing games, the genre which I mainly play, of which there is only one of PS4 at the moment. Due to Driveclub’s arcade look about it and average reviews, seems I’ll have to wait a little longer for a decent simulator.

    • I don’t think it’s a “disastrous” launch, certainly not the smoothest :) I think if you look in the picture dictionary under “disastrous launch” there is an image of bf4’s cover.

      Why did your acquaintances sell their PS4’s? I don’t think 2, 200 or even 2000 lost units will affect anything. Hopefully the 2 new owners will enjoy them more :)

      Launching a console with a built in spy camera is a disastrous launch.

      • Battlefield 4 was quite different and more of a protracted situation, but in terms of sustained server downtime and underestimating demand, this is up there with Diablo 3 and SimCity. The key difference is that you can still play some of the game offline when the servers are down.

      • Exactly.

    • They bought their PS4’s just for Driveclub? Project Cars I can understand, but Driveclub? They didn’t deserve to own a console :P

    • Starman, this sound silly.

    • Sounds like you have stupid friends :)

    • I know two people who have picked up a PS4 for Driveclub – balance restored.

    • People should learn to never sell their systems on a whim, because they’ll always end up regretting it. Forza Horizon 2 is awesome, but selling your system just because a game you wanted didn’t live up to hype? That sounds crazy.

      What about all the third-party racers that’ll be slightly better on Ps4, and Gran Turismo in five years time?

    • Personal and abusive? You must be new to the internet if you thought that what I said was either of those things. Tongue in cheek. Look it up.

      And how exactly am I loosing an argument? I wasn’t under the impression we were even having an argument… I was merely pointing out how silly it is, in my opinion, for someone to sell a console because they read some mediocre reviews. Without actually having played the game themselves. You didn’t answer that question.

      It seems to me that you like making these snide remarks… system seller trolololololol… but you don’t like it when someone calls you out on it. Suddenly everyone’s abusive and out to get you. Give me a break.

  3. I’m not saying that this is good, but the game has been on sale for 1 day (EU) and the online side doesn’t work. Again, not good especially seen as that’s the USP, but I do not understand why people are acting like it’s the end of the world. Really childish. It’s as if there isn’t a single player Tour. But there is. Hoping for a quick resolution and thanks for the updates from the developer.

  4. Yep, its a minor irritation to me that online isnt working properly- I can wait a few days. It just seems a but silly bearing in mind how long they’ve had to work on it! Thoroughly enjoying the tour though- and I am hopeful they’ll offer some form of compensation for the day 1 customers. Maybe a discounted season pass or something.

  5. This is something I’m reading more and more for any game launch that doesn’t run smoothly. The Evo team owe us nothing other than to get the kinks sorted out. Asking for compensation etc is pretty ridiculous, the game will get fixed and that’s it. If anyone can’t wait a week or so for this, fine sell your copy, hell sell your PS4 even. They have your money already, fools.

  6. Though I was loath to play this at all until the online is fixed (I want to get a club organised straight off so all my xp/fame is building it from day one) I had a go last night for around an hour.

    – the graphics are not that special. The car models are nice but I’m not interested in replays, attract mode, interiors, etc.
    – 30fps is a damn pain. Blinking all the way down the straights to counter not blinking at all during 3-4 second tricky bits (which is what happens when frame rate is low) is not fun.
    – the load times are fantastic. Coming off the back of playing Destiny it’s a pleasure to be able to jump quickly into an event.
    – the actual racing is fun – just the right blend of arcade and realistic for me.
    – the tracks are narrow and combined with agressive AI it’s initially difficult to see how you won’t be constantly penalised for unavoidable collisions, etc.
    – without online this is a shell of a game – having every single player event start with “Unable to connect to online servers”, reminding you that your progress is not being tracked or compared with other peoples records, drift scores, etc. is depressing and lonely.
    – The 3 pre-order DLC cars are missing. Seriously, is there anything about this release that they haven’t cocked up?

    I won’t be trying again until it’s stable.

    • Fame rate is rock solid 30fps (confirmed by DF) and has never dropped or “blinked” for me (whatever that is?)

      • I’m blinking, not the game. The human eye struggles to concentrate on fast motion at 30fps, as a result your brain tells you not to blink, which means that your eye dries out and you get tired (eyestrain). It’s more of a problem with driving games than other genres as in, for example, shooters, you have breaks between enemies, reloading, etc. Flat-out over a series of corners over a couple of seconds you will not blink – have someone watch you do it to confirm this.

        There was a time when one of the things that was considered “progress” in console gaming was higher refresh rates – remember the Dreamcast and PS2 games having modes to utilise 50Hz on old CRT TVs which supported it? Gran Turismo 4 runs at 60fps (some debate about whether it drops below this to 50fps-ish).

        Smoother motion so less eyestrain. I would far rather that developers – even on consoles – went for higher FPS than particle and other fancy graphics effects. Look at Destiny, all those explosive effects dragging the frame rate down and all that it means is that in a tight map no-one can see who they’re shooting at! ;-)

      • Sounds like someone believes everything they read on the internet.

  7. Sooo, anyone really loving this game? I’m in driving heaven. Driving the Ferrari F430 Scuderia whilst the sun comes up over Scotland, one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in a long time. I am literally stunned at the negative/lukewarm reaction this game has got, online connectivity aside.

    • +1 here, sometimes I hate the internet, too much bitching and not enough patience. Game rocks in my book and will get even better once online is sorted.

    • Count me in. I’m having good fun thwacking round the tracks!

    • I got fed up watching others playing it so i used my Destiny trade-in for some store credit today and went for the plus upgrade. I’m not sorry either – it looks blimmin’ gorgeous and the handling is suiting me pretty well too.
      I completed the first Tour event but i’ve spent the evening mostly whittling away at the time trials until i’m more familiar with the tracks, and i feel like i’ve barely scratched the surface yet. The penalties can be a bit irksome – especially when the AI has a hand in causing some of them but i’m sure that’s something that can be patched.
      As for the online – i think it’ll be a few weeks before i’m even ready for that so the connection issues don’t concern me for now.

    • “I am literally stunned at the negative/lukewarm reaction this game has got” – Same here now I’ve played it for several more hours, I’m getting more and more into it. Admittedly, the AI is getting a bit aggressive & annoying in the latter stages but it’s not game ruining.
      Looking forward to the weather update. I think thats gonna make a big difference to the visuals.
      I can also see this getting a lot more addictive once the online aspect is working better and we can set up challenges etc.

  8. I’m loving the game so far gratefull for the time to get decent on before I go online.

  9. Does no one else experience that major pausing/freezing up issue as you cross the finish line in each race in single player?

    It’s a huge issue for me aside from anything to do with the graphics being a bit pish, or the online been broken. These guys have had a ridiculous amount of time to get this right and they deserve quite a lot of the negative feedback they are getting IMO.

    Server issues I can handle with any new release, but the game itself not working out the box and looking half finished….did they ‘rush’ this out in whatever state it was to try and compete with Forza?

    The 3-4/10 scores are accurate and fully warranted.

    • I had a quick couple of races with the game on a friends PS4….Canada I think it was. and immediately noticed a next gen graphical leap so I don’t really know how you deduce that it resembles PS2/3 graphics.

      The lack of online is an absolute disaster as the game/title is based around social interaction being a main aim…utter washout as you say.

      The freezing across the finish line is likely due to the billion calculations the game has to make towards laptimes, trophies earned, club members times and upgrades (maybe not) etc. but surely that’s not a game breaker…I’d say that the lack of online was more unforgivable.

      • Rushy has already tweeted the freeze over the finish line got introduced with the last update. Has already been fixed in the next one but didn’t specify when it would be released.

      • I never said PS2, but certainly aside from the car models and the lighting effects I’d say that the scenery, the bystanders/crowd and everything else looks very average, and very 2D. Not much if at all better than the likes of GT6.

        The camera zooming in on scenery pre-race is actually embarrassing if anything, as the plants look like cardboard cutouts and not something that should be shown off at all.

        I’d expect this of a last gen title, but not on PS4.

        The freezing for me IS a massive game breaker…there’s no excuse for it. The whole purpose of the game is to race, and if the racing is not working properly then of course its unacceptable. Its not even the online portion.

        It needs addressed ASAP especially with the online side being down as it’s all we have left to experience at the moment, and its not holding up too well.

      • The second freeze upon crossing the line is far from happening every race in the roughly 50 odd races i’ve raced i recon it’s done it less than 10 times,also it’s at the end of a race and not at a vital part or during the race hardly game breaking,i managed a few racs online and it didn’t pause crossing the line.

  10. Maybe adding support for the Logitech wheels can make all of this better !!

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