What We Played #180: Destiny, Advanced Warfare & The Master Chief Collection

Tuffcub’s been all over the shop this week, flitting between games on a number of different platforms. From Angry Birds Transformers on iOS and a “little bit” of Skyrim to Shadow Fall, it sounds like he’s been having a busy week. Even when on the move he’s been putting some time into his PlayStation, revisiting both Tiny Troopers and Minutes to break up the regular commute, two game he dubs as “mini marvels”.

Of course, it wouldn’t be “What We Played” without a bit of Destiny now, would it? Both Tuffcub and Aran haven been plugging away the hours as they tear through Bungie’s co-op focused endgame content. Teaming up with a ragtag band of TSA regulars, they took to the Vault of Glass once again in search of loot and glory. Tuffcub even snapped this rather poignant victory photo – great work Guardians!


Aran has also had a chance to try his hand at a spot of orc-hunting, courtesy of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Much like myself and many who have try this gem, he found himself delving into the side content as soon as he was able, chasing down captains and watching as his actions impacted the world around him. He also reviewed Chariot earlier in the week, a lovely looking puzzle platformer.

Also trying to wean himself off Destiny is Tef who has spent much of the week playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He’s been awfully busy reviewing the game and making videos about it – which he says it would be great it a few more people watched – but now has the chance to put his feet up for a bit and enjoy it in regular conditions, pumping plenty of time into its multiplayer section. One thing he wasn’t too keen on, however, was the game’s co-op survival mode though, overall, it does little to dampen the whole package. Matt also answered the call this week, praising Sledgehammer’s subtle yet fantastic changes to the series’ staling gaming.

If two big-name shooters weren’t enough, this week Peter took a trip down memory lane with the masterful Master Chief Collection, available on Xbox One next week.

It’s a great package of the four main line Halo games and all the multiplayer stuff from all of them. They’ve even included the Halo: CE multiplayer maps that weren’t in the console version or with the Anniversary Edition from a couple of years ago. Over 100 multiplayer maps and 45 campaign missions that you can attack in any order. It’s a very well put together library of Master Chief’s story so far and when it launches and the links with Halo: Nightfall and the rest of the Halo Channel are fully functional, it’ll be quite special for Halo fans.

Finally, eschewing recently-released shooters for something still off in the future, Blair gave the Evolve alpha a quick crack only to find that he couldn’t connect most of the time. With a cohort of TSA chums in tow, they decided to hop on DriveClub instead which Blair thinks is quite impressive though, like many, he would have preferred a new MotorStorm. On top of that he’s been playing this month’s marquee PlayStation Plus title, The Binding of Isaac, and you can check out his beginner’s guide that went up this morning.

Now it’s over to you. What games have you been playing this past week?



  1. Funnily enough I’ve had a pretty mixed up week too! In no particular order… completed the Infamous First Light story, and started working on the challenges and arenas – survival is easy enough but hostage might be a bitch. Started playing Alien Isolation too but I can only handle that for short stints – they’ve certainly nailed the environment and tension! Met the alien so to speak, but now it’s working joes that are the main problem.

    Added to that a few more levels of the COD Ghosts SP, and a couple of extinction games, then did a couple of the COD AW SP missions and some multiplayer. Early days yet but I’m not seeing how it’s supposedly “way better than Ghosts”, just more of the same, but different.

    Also tried The Crew beta, drove to my first race only for the servers to conk out as I got there, so I’ll have to try that again over the w/e.

  2. Apart from finishing Trine with R1MJAW & Pixel last night, I don’t think I have played anything other than Destiny this week.

    That statement both pleases & depresses me in pretty much equal measure!

  3. Yet more Diablo on PS4, I think I’m up to paragon 267 or so now (although I am trying to wean myself off of it as it’s stopping me playing the rest of my collection).
    Finished off the career mode in Drive club and hit level 30.
    Also finished off my/our co-op playthrough of Trine 2 with Forrest and Pixel_nme.
    I’ve played a few hours of Binding of Isaac which is fun and frustrating in equal measures.
    I’m also still ploughing through Fantasy Life on 3DS, I now have 9 lives at max rank (Legend) and the other 3 with just 1 rank to go.

  4. More destiny this week,had a blast with rudeawakening the other night.
    Other than that I’ve been playing minecraft on ps3 and now need only 6 more ender pearls in order to open the end portal!

  5. Keep popping onto driveclub and having a few races, lots of Elite, finally got back to the cobra so I’m happy again. Spent all yesterday playing the crew, very impressed, thankfully no server problems and found all the parts to my first hidden car.

  6. Haven’t posted here for a while as haven’t played anything noteworthy really but this week I’ve…

    Bagged the platinum for The Walking Dead on PS4. Tried to start season 2 but at the moment it’s not picking up season 1 saves so I’m leaving that for now. I want my choices to carry over damn it.

    Bought Peggle 2 and that’s enjoyable as ever :-) not sure I’ll be able to platinum it as some of the challenges seem like absolute bastards, but I’ll give it a go! Played a little Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare too which comes highly recommended.

    Been playing ALOT of Skyrim the last couple of weeks. I avoided it for years as I wasn’t impressed with Oblivion at all. Saw Skyrim Legendary Edition for a tenner in my local Sainsburys so thought id give it a punt. Thoroughly enjoying it! Put 50hrs in so far and yet the end doesn’t seem to be anywhere near in sight! Fantastic game, and nowhere near as buggy as I was expecting from Bethesda.

    I caved too. I told myself I wouldnt, but I did. The unanimous praise it received was just too much to ignore. I picked up Advanced Warfare on Wednesday and am 5 missions in on Veteran. It’s definitely more intriguing and more polished than Ghosts, campaign wise. Haven’t tried multiplayer yet but that’s not why I buy Call of Duty anymore.

    I’ve also finished Super Mario 3D World. That may not sound like much but, I don’t just mean I finished the story. I finally finished every level, with every character, all stars, all stamps, and all gold flags. If you’ve played “Champion’s Road” you’ll know what an achievement that is. Well chuffed :-)

    Ive also been playing a bit of Hoard. Surprisingly addictive! As for iOS, the only game I seem to play is Ruzzle. Far too addictive and right up my street :-)

    • Kudos on 3D World, that’s determination. I’m slowly progressing to do the same, but in co-op so I can only play it when my co-player visits.

      May skip on all the stars though, don’t know if I have the willpower to do it before I suffer a mental breakdown due to some of those levels. Kids-game my backside.

      • Thanks man :-) my two year old loves watching me play 3D World so I had the motivation!

        It’s straightforward if you’re not a completionist lol. I didn’t find getting 3 stars on every level too bad to be honest – it was completing every level with every character that was a grind! Had to be done though… I’ve not been beaten by a Mario game yet :-D I’ve still got my Mario 64 cartridge with 120 stars haha.

      • And it sure as shit ain’t no kids game! The very last world on particular was torture!

      • Some of the more tricky levels get brutal in co-op, as you need to work together and try not to get in each others way. I’m not a fan of the three button controls. There’s loads of unassigned buttons, stop adding functions to the same ones and use them Nintendo!

        How do you know what levels you’ve completed with which characters?

      • Haven’t tried it in co-op but I can imagine that gets frustrating… It’s bad enough trying to do it alone!

        I don’t mind the controls too much, they’re nice and simple, but in some of the more hectic levels I did find myself hitting face buttons I wasn’t meant to…

        At a certain point in the game (sorry, I can’t remember when, but I think it was around the time I got to the very last world – Crown World) you’ll get 5 box markers next to each level in your stats – with a pic of each characters face you’ve completed the level with… Have you unlocked the hidden character yet? Think it was Star World you unlock them on…

      • SuperMario 64 with 120 stars is a reminder of the days when grind wasn’t in the gaming vocabulary. An immense pleasure to eek every ounce of achievement from that game of which I have always held in high esteem. To this day, one of the best games ever created on any console ;)

    • Just finished Advanced Warfare’s campaign on Veteran. I concur with the majority of reviews… It’s definitely more enjoyable and polished than Ghosts but the ending was a bit of a disappointment.
      I also couldn’t decide whether it’s a game likely to get a sequel or not… It concluded the main story pretty well so it’s not immediately obvious where they’d go in AW2 but then there’s definitely potential for a second act. Maybe that was deliberate on the devs part – see how well this ones received before deciding on a sequel.

      I didn’t find Veteran to be anywhere near as hard as previous Call of Duty games, save for one or two sections… Shame really. Ah well, on to multiplayer now, see how that fares against the somewhat lacklustre Ghosts! :-)

  7. I got another platinum yesterday. I’m hoping I’m first with the Wolf among us on Ps4. I’ve also been playing write a few games this week as I hurt my back on Monday. I’ve been playing all the Ps4/Vita Ps+ games this week but I love the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth the most also some FIFA, shadow of Mordor, Freedom wars and Velocity 2x.

  8. Driving for me this week.

    Been grinding out some accolades on Driveclub and been enjoying messing about in The Crew beta which, bizarrely, feels like the more complete game of the two. Evolution really do need to get Driveclub sorted pronto….

  9. A little bit of Destiny, currently chipping away at my first exotic bounty, and made some progress on Tales of Xillia. Also got Steamworld Dig off Plus, I didn’t have high hopes for it but ended up playing it all yesterday evening on my Vita, its really addictive.

  10. Finally beat the last gym in Heart Gold, played Costume Quest 2, a bit of Sunset Overdrive and Animal Crossing. And I just started Danganronpa 2.

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