Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Crowned Biggest Entertainment Launch Of 2014

There’s been some mutterings over the last few years that Call Of Duty is losing its allure, but I think consumers of Advanced Warfare forgot that message as it has been confirmed the latest entry to the series is the biggest entertainment launch of 2014. That isn’t just in terms of gaming but includes music albums, books, and movies. That’s not the only news as Activision confirmed that Advanced Warfare has had the highest digital selling launch of 2014 too.

“Sales and engagement are up through the first week compared to last year. Season Pass sales are up, as well. The game has been very positively reviewed and the response from fans has been tremendous. We believe Advanced Warfare will be the most successful game of the year and we thank our fans for making it the biggest entertainment launch of the year.”

Now we shall see if that record holds in the face of GTA V’s new gen re-release, which is arguably hindered by launching on fewer platforms this year. This isn’t the first time Call Of Duty has set a record for biggest entertainment launch, because when Modern Warfare 3 released it was the biggest launch ever at the time. Now we wait and see if CoD can hold onto that crown next year.

Source: Press Release.



  1. I wanna see the receipts. Any lists of compared sales/income?

    • Annecdotally I would agree, I’ve seen a ton of people – like myself – who had sworn off the series years ago surprisingly tempted back.

      And I’ve been loving it, truth be told.

  2. I don’t think they can really compare to to last year, Ghosts had a split release with the new gen consoles coming a little bit after, surely that would have had an impact on the first week sales they talk about?

    • Well… Actually it came out at the same time. It was abit ridiculous but next gen games came out before the console. If I remember right the first sale in UK was a ps4 copy

      • Ah yeah, I remember that now, but I guess I could still mean people held of buying it in the first week, waiting for their new consoles to arrive.

  3. Sales dont mean success to everyone but this claim is impressive. Call of Duty is certainly a brand the owners can be proud of, consistently drawing in huge numbers of players making so much money (if that’s their things).

  4. I, like JesseDeya mentioned above, moved away from CoD a few years ago but I’ve strangely been drawn back in and I’m really enjoying it. It’s nothing to do with advertising or PR because I seen none, it’s just the fact I needed a change up from Battlefield and this came along at the right time. Destiny, never ever excited me.

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