What We Played #183: Dragon Age, Far Cry 4 & Super Smash Bros.

The PlayStation 4 has just celebrated its first anniversary and already I’ve succumbed to the backlog. Despite there only being a few decent launch titles, over the months I’ve accumulated a steady pile thanks to myriad bargain offers and, of course, PlayStation Plus. Add that to the recent slew of must-have titles and I can already see exactly what I’ll be doing during the Christmas holidays. With controller in hand, I’ve at least put a dent in the backlog this week, putting a fair amount of time into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

After scooping up those last few collectables, I revisited some of the earlier stages in the game, eventually netting myself that coveted platinum trophy. Compared to Ghosts and Black Ops II, it was a simple task, mainly thanks to the absence of difficult online trophies. With that said, it took some time, demanding several hours spent in co-op alone. Still, it’s an achievement nonetheless, and one made even sweeter due to the awesome zombie skin I’ve unlocked for multiplayer. Speak of which, it’s been a bit up and down. Whether it’s the skill of the PlayStation 4 install base or my appalling wireless connection, my performance has been noticeably lacklustre online.

Aside from a trace amount of Smash Bros. on the 3DS, Dragon Age: Inquisition has occupied the rest of my time. It’s a fantastic game and one propped up by an expansive setting and characters. Much like Mass Effect 3, I’ve gone into Inquisition having done a lot of background watching/reading. I’m just hoping BioWare hasn’t made a train-wreck of the game’s ending.


Dom’s also been trawling his way through Thedas this week, praising Inquisition for its lack of hand-holding, dropping players straight into its complex web of combat mechanics. Through EA Access he was able to play six hours before the game was out, lucky git.

I’ve also completed Max and the Curse of Brotherhood which was a fun little title. I mainly played it with my son who thought it was great and we’ve now moved on to Never Alone. He seems to like it because I read the story subtitles to him as we play, and there was a polar bear at the beginning.
I’ve also been wheeling out the Wii U quite regularly, working through Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for a future review, as well as playing more Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2. I can’t wait for Smash to come out this Friday!

As for Stefan, he’s not been playing much this week, just the usual prescribed dose of Destiny. For Blair it seems to be a similar story, splitting his time between The Binding of Isaac and, of course, Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. According to him, it’s great fun – even more so when playing with other players at once!

For Peter this week has all been about Far Cry 4:

I love it. I love just going into that world and playing with the things that are in there – true sandbox style. Searching for new ways to approach outposts, perfecting hunting techniques, playing with sticky explosives… anything except playing the story missions, really. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m not exactly captivated by the story or if it’s because I don’t want the experience to be over. Either way, there’s hours more fun in the silly little things around the main action of this game.

Jumping back on the shooter wagon, this week Matt has been playing a spot of Advanced Warfare mixed in with some Master Chief Collection for good measure. Though impressed by Combat Evolved, he points to Halo 2 as the stand-out in 343’s remastered anthology, lauding its enhanced visuals and audio work.

So, what have you been playing?



  1. Dragon Age has been the only game I’ve touched this week. It really is a joy to play and deserves all the positive reviews and comments that have been sent it’s way.
    The only fault i can find is that you can’t just have a ‘quick go’ on it, no ‘I’ll have an hour before bed’ here i’m afraid.

    • It’s that stuff with the war room that does it. Go there, claim rewards, start some more missions, think “well, that one won’t take long, so I’ll just wander about somewhere for a bit”, then you realise something that would take 3 hours has finished as well. And then you start some more and have just another little wander.

      My only problem with the game is that the multiplayer part is a lot of fun, but the networking code is obviously completely broken and I can’t do more than 1 game before it refuses to connect again and I have to close the game before it works.

      • My game generally starts like this

        Sort through inventory equiping best stuff on all characters. Go to blacksmith. Sell crap stuff. Craft some new stuff. Sort through inventory equiping newly crafted stuff. Do same with potions.
        Go to war table – check available missions then go back to Hinterland anyway cos there’s loads to do still.
        Oh, and last night i spent ages just talking to each of my companions – one even got grumpy cos we’d not talked for a while.

    • With you guys on this one. Hannypoppie and I have been absolutely panel-beating the arse off Dragon Age: Inquisition with us pouring most of our free time into it. It’s quickly jumped to the top of my ‘Game of the Year 2014’ and truly can’t see anything else beating it.

      To say they’ve build a wonderful game is an understatement of the highest magnitude. My only tip for people just about to get into the game is for the character creation. Be very sparing with the colours/make-up for your character if you’re splurging a bit on them. I was (what I thought was) subtle but the lighting in the game is quite different at times. Safe to say that I still smile when I see my “radioactive prostitute of a character” appear in a cut-scene as her blusher glows more than the Sun itself. :-)

  2. More AC Unity. I’m on the last memory sequence now, and even though I’ve done loads and loads of side missions/collectables, I’m still only at 30% completion. It really is vast. After I finish the main story, I’m gonna switch to Far Cry 4 for a bit and come back to it in a fortnight or so.

  3. Played a fair bit of Far Cry 4, co-op with kjkg (once it finally worked) was awesome – such a shame the entire game isn’t co-op so both players’ progress with Outposts etc saves. I do find the solo campaign a bit boring at times – with these types of games there’s always a fair amount of repetition and back-and-forth travelling; and there doesn’t feel any need to vary my weapons (despite there being a huge selection) as my 4 chosen ones do the job just fine. Playing co-op has probably ruined it a bit for me, as it was so good, but solo is still fun in small bursts and very, very pretty. The multiplayer is actually really solid too which is a nice surprise.

    Played a small amount of The Crew beta, still boring sadly. The open world just seemed incredibly unpopulated and a bit dull/ Handling is a bit off, but could forgive that as it apparently gets better as you earn/purchase upgrades.

    Plenty of Minecraft on Vita last weekend – nice for the handheld to finally have a purpose after a some very quiet months.

    Missed the RDR meet this week as I royally fucked-up the arrangements – sorry gazzagb & Avengerr.

    • Far cry 4 was amazing co-op. Definitely the way it should be played. Even managed to take down one of the Fortresses that hadn’t been weakened yet. Sadly not undetected.

      • Definitely not undetected, lol. And I let you do most of the work ;)

  4. Destiny. That is all.

  5. Dragon Age. Have gotten to play some Smash Bros on the Wii U as well, after a midnight digital release. Both are GOTY material.

    Playing eight player Smash is incredible. It truly feels like the next-gen Smash it is. And using a Pro controller is so much better than the 3DS.

  6. I’ve got platinums this week first was Wonder Wonderbook Diggs nightcrawler and PES 14 (finally). I’ve also played GTA V and Far cry 4.

  7. Mainly GTA V & DriveClub.

    I’m probably on my own with this one but since the new tour dates were released the other night, it reminded me how much I enjoyed Driveclub. I genuinely think it’s my game of the year despite all of the disastrous online fiasco.
    In fact I’m now gonna investigate exactly what you get with the Season Pass & possibly buy it if it’s worth while.
    Really looking forward to when the challenges are all up and running. Best £35 I’ve spent on the PS4 even though the games broken.

  8. A fair bit of both Far Cry 4 and Binding of Isaac.
    I picked up WWE 2K15, it’s quite tricky to get to grips with (pardon the pun).
    LBP3 and Smash Bros Wii U arrived this morning so I’ve played through the opening prologue of LBP and I’m currently having a muck about with Smash Bros.

  9. With a teething one year old my playlist this week has been: listen to screaming baby, get 2-3 hours sleep, go to work and consume lots of coffee. Oh I also played a bit of Dragon Age Inquisition (well, I unwrapped it and got it installed…)

    Great week overall, lol.

    • Ah, those moments aren’t to be dismissed. When you look back at this you’ll smile and think only good things. Enjoy the time while you can, fella.

      Obviously I’m on about Dragon Age.

    • I can sympathise with you there, I have a teething 11 month old who currently also has a chest infection so of course I have to sacrifice all sleep just to get some gaming time. Been playing Tales of Xillia for well over a month now, there was a time where I would have had it done in two weeks. That time is long gone and about to get further away when the second one arrives in about two months.

      • Ouch, sounds great…
        Touch wood my two aren’t ill very often so its only when new teeth make an appearance that we get some sleepless nights.
        Have decided I am going to fire up Dragon Age tonight, can’t wait any longer. Sleep be damned! ;)

  10. Just far cry 4 again this week,it’s so good in co-op.
    As youles said above somewhere,just wish you could play the whole game like that!

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