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If you read yesterday’s Round Up (which of course, you should always do!) you’ll know that Tef kindly covered for me, which explains why I’m here today, returning the favour as I watch this week’s Rugby, so please excuse the rose tinted glasses that are firmly on right now!


Let’s begin this week’s recap with Wednesday’s December’s PS+ Line Up reveal. We already knew about Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition, although the comments weren’t overwhelmingly favourable for that. Dan described it as “dreadful”, as did 3Shirts, who eloquently said it’s “****, don’t bother”. A couple of you, such as Crazy_Del and Lyts1985 were far happier with the news of the Hitman Trilogy HD heading to PS3 next month, as they were thinking of picking the game up soon.

Overall, it was still a mixed response, with people like Avenger calling it “most definitely an update with a bit more substance to it”, and DividSmythe also describing it as a “step up in quality”.  PARKER94 wasn’t as impressed, calling his experience with Injustice “a terrible 15 minutes that i tried playing it”, but did note that “they are ‘Free’ I guess, we just pay for the online gameplay”. Of course, that can only be said for PS4 players as online gameplay is free for PS3 users, however it does appear that the older console owners are the better recipients of next month’s offerings.

Following Sony’s news, it only took a matter of hours before Major Nelson announced Xbox Live Games with Gold December titles. Worms Battlegrounds, The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief, and SSX will be unleashed next month, but readers such as Eldur were quick to compare Microsoft’s and Sony’s contributions:

What is the point of doing something you know is worse than the same service offered by your chief competitor?

…From Microsoft’s point of view – They are already struggling with a brand perception that the Xbox One is the ‘second’ new generation console, and this is a good chance for them to offer a better deal than Sony. But they don’t. So it’s yet another reason to get the PS4 over the One.

Wonkey-willy looked at it different though, pointing out Xbox Live’s better service: “GwG is just a bonus in my opinion to what is and has been a solid service for some years […] Now that it is mandatory to play online I think that if you going to charge for Plus, Sony need to concentrate on the online side of things rather than chuck a pile of average games at you every month”. This discussion has come up previously, but considering the games on offer, do you think it’s a fair argument that a worse online service can be excused by ‘better’ freebies?

Last week, Assassin’s Creed Unity was on the naughty step in Hot Topics thanks to the numerous bugs, excuses and patches, but this week there’s better news for Ubisoft. Announcing that all players would be receiving the Dead Kings DLC for free, and that Season Pass holders would be able to choose a free game from a list that, among others, included Far Cry 4 and The Crew, it certainly looks to have appeased annoyed gamers.

TonyCawley called it “a great gesture, really well done and hats off to Ubi”, with beeje13 echoing; “a great way to compensate! Duly noted Ubisoft”. Could this be a turning point for Ubisoft, who haven’t had the greatest of years in the PR department? Jayjay119 says:

Despite how much I’ve ripped into Ubisoft for their poor practices lately, which still stand, this is an incredibly nice gesture on their behalf and is one of the times they’ve positively surprised me in a long time. I’d not expect to see this level of good faith from them lately. I hope the recent negative attention forces ubi and the rest to reconsider their launch methods in future. But right now, good on them.

We’ve seen other Developers, such as Evolution offering free Driveclub DLC as way of compensation, but here are Ubisoft, giving away some of their biggest titles of the year and thus regaining some respect from gamers. That said, it’s not great news for everyone, as it’s given englishgolfer a bit of a dilemma: “The missus wants Just Dance, I’m eyeing Far Cry”. I’m fairly sure what the majority of gamers here would say, so let’s hope he can persuade mrs englishgolfer that Katy Perry can wait, Kyrat needs saving!”


Similar to last week, it was the new releases that have been taking up most of your time recently, but that didn’t stop DividSmythe bagging himself two platinum trophies with Wonderbook Diggs Nightcrawler and PES 14. Also adding to his ever-expanding trophy cabinet was Crazy_Del, who earned Platinums for Unit 13 and Gravity Rush, despite being struck down by Man Flu.

Lastly, Youles nabbed the FIFA 15 Plat after finally achieving the troublesome Extra Effort trophy, meaning it now sits proudly alongside his FIFA 13 and 14 trophies, and Jim wrapped up all Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s trophies to grab the Platinum too.

After a fortnight with a broken laptop, a inferior race has got his repaired trophy tallying machine back! Which means you can head over to page two for the return of the Fastest Platinum boards and see those new records slotted in. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments.

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  1. Del and Lyts, good choice with the PS+ Hitman HD trilogy. I thoroughly enjoyed the games retail last year. Great set of platinums to go for ;)

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