Community Chronicle: 14/12/14

For the past week, I’ve been playing another boatload of Destiny, focussed around battling our way through the new raid. It’s great fun, once again, and we’ve been streaming it each night as we fought through to Crota and the final boss battle. Can we manage it? Well if you’ve even a passing interest, I’d ask you to tune in for a while and say hello on Twitch tonight around 9PM.


We’ll start off with the latest twist in the tale of Rise of the Tomb Raider, which has now been revealed will not only be exclusive to Xbox consoles, but also be published by Microsoft themselves. It’s a move which reduces the likelihood of seeing the game on PlayStation any time soon.

MrYd wrote, “Who really thought (or still thinks) it’d ever come to the PS4? MS said it was an Xbox exclusive and then the deal was for that one game and Squeenix still own the franchise.” Of course, he then sparked a whole thing when he called the rebooted Tomb Raider “average”.

Meanwhile, JR. explained his changing circumstances:

I was outraged (yes, outraged) when this news was announced but I bought an XB1 on Black Friday, so at least I don’t feel so bad about it now. I’m still annoyed for the people who wont get to play Tomb Raider. Not because it’s potentially a very good sequel to a fantastic reboot, but for all the loyal Tomb Raider fans who have supported the franchise over the years on PlayStation/PC platforms.

It’s admittedly all been a confusing mess of somewhat contradictory news stories, as Ronzy noted before saying, “They aren’t being totally transparent on the whole exclusively thing and I assume that just because MS will be publishing it on their platforms doesn’t mean someone else can’t do it on PlayStation?”

Let’s not forget that Mass Effect was also originally published by Microsoft and did eventually make the leap.

Last weekend saw a lot of new PlayStation announcements, and one of the most spectacular points was when they showed off Uncharted 4. The advancing technology has really allowed them to push the boat out in terms of graphical quality, and there’s a much more realistic looking Nathan Drake as a consequence.

CC_Star felt it was quite a drastic step, saying it was “Like a soap who gets a different actor in to play one of the established roles,” but others noted that the lighting in the comparison shot was quite different to what you’d see in game. Kennykazey wrote, “That actually doesn’t look that much like his face in the trailer and Gameplay we’ve seen, interestingly. At least in my mind. Must be the lighting.”

Ever the voice of reason, Bunimomike felt this was simply the march of tech, much as I did:

It’s like using more make-up in theatre. The old version was genuinely “non-human” in a way. Oversized features to see easily. Look how his nose has been reduced in the new one. Also, the eye size and eye sockets, etc. Basically, he’s now more real and less of a caricature. Moving forward, this is a good thing as visual fidelity has been increased (better AA, higher resolution, etc) which is coupled with a world they’re building that is very realistic looking. It’s not like they’re applying a strong art-style to it like Borderlands, etc.

This is Nate looking less cartoony. We’ll all get used to it pretty quickly.

Speaking of fantastic graphical showcases, Driveclub’s seen the release of the weather patch, bringing with it rain, lightning and snow. It is quite simply stunning in motion. With challenges also back up and running, it seems the game’s effectively back on track.

Well, almost, with the very first comment coming from Lieutenant Fatman who used anecdotal evidence to say, “I spoke to a couple of friends this morning who own the game and they say it’s still very much broken.” Of course, some have been having more trouble than others, and Tomhlord chipped in to note, “Online play and online stuff during single player work fine for me and have done for a while. Challenges are fine too.”

Whether you’re having fun with challenges or not, MrYd has a new favourite thing to do in the game:

Pick a road circuit race (that first one in Canada works well, being a nice long figure of 8). Set the time to start sometime in the afternoon and set it to x30, put the weather on “stormy” and “dynamic” and start a 25 lap race.

It’ll take you 30+ minutes (depending on skill and the car you’re using), but it’s impressive. It rains lots, you get nice thunderstorms and then it gets dark. The lightning in the dark it nice. The way the raindrops on the screen light up is even neater once you realise they’re lighting up from the reflections of your headlights in the mirrors of the car in front. And then the sun comes up as you do the last laps.

I might just have to give that a go!


Sticking with Driveclub, Pixel_nme has grabbed himelf the platinum trophy for this and The Wolf Among Us on PS4, amidst bouts of Far Cry 4, LBP3 and Lara Croft. R1MJAW has also ground his way through a few accolades and nabbed himself the Driveclub platinum during the week, before then also finished off Far Cry 4’s platinum last night.

Youles has also been enjoying the fictional mountains of Kyrat, with his own FC4 platinum which he claimed was very easy to achieve, in contrast to the months of persistent effort he had to go through with Gazzagb and Avengerr in order to 100% the Red Dead Redemption co-op trophies.

Rounding things off in a quite subdued week of trophy hunting, DividSmythe has earnt himself the platinum for Sly 2 on PS Vita.

There’s no leaderboard update this week, and next week will be the penultimate look at the 2014 leaderboard ahead of the final count in the new year, so make sure to update your trophy cards soon.

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  1. Cheers for the mention and well done to everyone on there achievments also.

  2. Blimey, missed that Tomb Raider article/news. That’s rather wank if the next TR doesn’t make it to PS4, especially as I loved it and was a bit underwhelmed by the Uncharted 4 trailer.

  3. Yay! Two quotes from me this week? And I’m a “he” as well. My work here is done.

  4. Forgot the 2014 leaderboard actually ends in 2014. Will be interesting to see the results for those that have updated their cards (I think the auto update thing is still fickle).

    I’m certainly happy for the progress Youles and Gazzagb have made on RDR. It’s been quite fun dynamiting everything, very therapeutic.

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