New Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Trailer Details Maps & Characters

Sledgehammer Games has released an extended trailer for the first Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC pack, Havoc. The footage shows the four maps off with those being Urban, Sideshow, Core, and Drift, as well as the features each of them will contain. Urban’s layout changes as doors open and shut around the place, whereas Drift has a carousel in the middle to spot enemies and an avalanche hitting halfway through battles. Core is sent in the Gobi desert and has these drones that are activated through a perk, with these hunting down the nearest opposing players to gun them down. Sideshow on the other hand has a giant clown sign in the middle of the map, and when his hat comes of bombs fly out which players can grab to throw at each other.


The ExoZombies mode it also detailed and the cast has been confirmed for it too, including John Malkovich, who is the maintenance man, and Bill Paxton. known as Mr Khan in game. who will face off against the zombie horde. These zombies will be able to use the exosuit abilities including higher jumps and speed boosts so nowhere will truly be safe from them. A couple of new weapons are also in the pack such as the Cell 3 Cauteriser, which is like a sawed off energy shotgun, and the AE4 Widowmaker which is an assault rifle that shoots energy rounds too.

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  1. I miss the good old days.2 guns,2 grenades.3 perks. 3-5-7 killstreaks and individual skill.
    you can only keep polishing turds so long before there’s no turd left to polish.

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