There Will “Probably” Be A PS4 Version Of Titanfall 2

Remember Titanfall? The mech shooty thing that was quite popular before Destiny arrived? Well there’s “probably” going to be another one, and it’s “probably” not going to be Xbox One exclusive.

“Last year it was on the Xbox only,” said Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen, “In the future, we haven’t yet announced, but we’ll probably have another Titanfall game. It will probably be a bigger footprint than just a single platform. I think that’s a huge positive for us.”


Blake was speaking at the 2015 Technology, Internet & Media Conference and revealed that EA aim to have at least one FPS a year. That would mean Battlfield Hardline this year, Battlefield 5 next year and, probably, Titanfall 2 in 2017.

Eight months ago the Wall Street Journal reported that Titanfall 2 was in production for PS4 and there were even rumours of the first game running on the Sony console. Respawn famously boasted Titanfall was only possible on Xbox One because of the cloud, so they will have to work hard to get a sequel running on PS4.

Source: Gamespot



  1. What ever happen to the extra power of the cloud that was used a lot as a futuristic Xbone hype

    • I never believed a word of it, it was just a load of hocus pocus to try and take attention away from the fact the PS4 is more powerfull than the one.

    • It’s over there next to Milo, and will soon to be followed by HoloLens and Windows Holographic…

      If there is one thing Microsoft is good at it’s releasing slickly produced over-hyping marketing videos to whip the media up into a headline grabbing frenzy!

      Watching the pre-launch video of the power of Kinect still makes me chuckle. But then they were never going to release a video that said “It’s a bit like Wii but without the nun-chucks, you’ll play mini-games and dancing games over Christmas with your nan and then everyone will forget about it” because that doesn’t grab the headlines…

      Cloud is a popular techie buzz-word at the moment so they had to link it to Xbox One somehow as that is the type of thing journalists can make a headline about without fully understanding what it actually is. Classic smoke and mirrors trick…

  2. They will never get it running without the power of the cloud. Maybe on the PlayStation 5.

    • I can’t decide if I’m smelling sarcasm or gullibility, hopefully it’s the former!

  3. There are some pages that make the Google Chrome Cloud to Butt extension really worth having. This is one of those pages

    “Respawn famously boasted Titanfall was only possible on Xbox One because of my butt, so they will have to work hard to get a sequel running on PS4”

    Inspiringly relevant

  4. What I don’t understand is how he is talking as though he either A) Owns the Titanfall IP or B) Owns Respawn.

    CEO of Respawn Vince Zampella said in an interview that EA would not necessarily be a partner for future projects, but did say they would likely be multiplatform, and he specifically mentions he wants to be on Steam from day 1. Steam and EA/Origin don’t usually go together.

    If the guy does know what he’s talking about, it sounds like Titanfall 2 has been signed off to be published by EA.

    • I would assume EA had first dibs on any Titanfall sequel, it would make no sense for them to pay a fortune for the first game and then let someone else capitalise on it#s success for the sequel.

      • Is the hash in your comment a system editing feature which highlights when you try to put an apostrophe in the possessive form of “its”, rather like a teacher’s red pen?

      • No… it’s just Tuffcub dropping his morning pain au chocolat on the keyboard during the reply. :-)

  5. Titanfall is a cracking game and easily my most played of last year. The inevitable sequel is welcomed by me. Playing other FPS games just feels very basic now.

    The article seems to miss that it wasn’t xboxone exclusive though, it was also on 360 & PC.

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