Something For the Weekend – 15/10/16

With PlayStation VR out in the wild, I’m curious how all of you that have it are finding the system. Are you enjoying the virtual reality experience for the first time? Are you struggling with some of the system’s limitations, or finding yourself unexpectedly ill after playing? Let us know in the comments below.

In the News This Week

Games in Review

It’s been another big week for reviews, as the second wave of PSVR embargoes lifted. Amid a sea of competent games for the system, was there anything that could truly stand out as being an essential purchase?

This Week’s Features

Starting off with more Playstation VR stuff, Aran, Tuffcub and I brought together our thoughts on our favourite PSVR games so far, with a few surprises in the mix. Dom also brought us a preview of a charming god sim strategy game called Tethered.

I spent plenty of time with Battlefield 1, and as those with EA and Origin Access got to play the game’s 10 hour trial, I spoke about the game’s compelling new Operations mode and the powerful and emotive single player campaign.

We spoke to PlayFusion about Toys to Life, as they launched a Kickstarter for Lightseekerswhil we also talked to the developers behind the incredibly ambitious looking Dual Universe, which is dealing with being a space game created in the aftermath of No Man’s Sky. Changing tack completely, Jake visited king to play their new Rummy-based multiplayer game, Shuffle Cats. They had actual cats at the studio. I was terribly jealous.

Rounding things out, we had What We Played, which understandably focussed on VR gaming!

Trailer Park

Check out Dark Souls 3’s upcoming 3v3 multiplayer
It’s coming as part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.

Morgan Yu can be a woman in the new Prey
Get a look at what the female version of the character will look and sound like in this latest trailer, as she tries to warn the rest of humanity of the threat present on the space station

A short teaser of Hitman’s finale episode
As you’d expect of a mission to Japan, IO have chosen the most picturesque time of year to set it in.

Get a look at Infinite Warfare’s combat rigs
As the beta is live this weekend, here’s what the game’s handful of multiplayer characters offer.

I also want to feature out Battlefield 1 videos:

War Is Hellish In Battlefield 1’s Single Player

Hands On Battlefield 1’s Operations & The Play First Trial

Your Achievements

Honestly, while plenty of people replied in What We Played, there was a surprising lack of achievements. The Lone Steven completed BioShock 2 this week, finding himself getting a little emotional at the story’s ending, before turning to Red Faction: Guerrilla and Prototype, as he continues to delve into the PlayStation 3’s back catalogue.

Beyond that, it’s the early dabbling with PlayStation VR or getting on with some of the other new releases in this hectic time of year.

The Week Ahead

After last week’s rush of PSVR games, this week’s release schedule is looking positively subdued. That said, there’s still some pretty big hitters on the list.

  • Mordheim: City of the Damned – PS4, XBO – 18/10
  • Batman: Return to Arkham – PS4, XBO – 21/10
  • Battlefield 1 – PS4, XBO, Win – 21/10 (Early Enlister Edition on 18/10)
  • Civilization VI – Win, Mac, Linux – 21/10
  • Lego Harry Potter Collection – PS4 – 21/10

Whether you’re eyeball deep in some virtual reality game, playing more conventional games on a TV or computer, or simply kicking back and relaxing, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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  1. It’s not a back catalogue for me. Mostly a case of “You know what, I’ve either completed that once and fancy playing it again or you know what, since purchasing it, I’ve not really given it a proper playthrough.”. That and I only have a PS3. ;)

    I will never understand why Bioshock 2 is hated by some fans apart from the lack of Kevin Levine. To that i say, and? So what, it’s a wonderful game.

    VR, I flat out refuse to give a chance as well, it would probably cause me a lot of hassle and probably be a strain on my eyes. That and PS4 is my main priority in terms of new console.

    With luck, I should get me a job before 2016 ends and then secure a PS4 by the end of 2017 then i suppose, look down on last gen peasents. :P

    Oh and by the way, the mobile version of the site has one of those take over the entire screen because feck you, buy our product adverts. Really annying when I just want to have a quick browse on my phone but can’t because adverts decide to turn it into “How the feck do I… you son of a… STOP PLAYING! FECK THIS!” affair.

    I forgot BF1 is out next week. Could have sworn it was out in november.

  2. Iam loving psvr, it has exceeded my expectations and I am having so much fun with it.

    • Same here, the only problem I’ve had is the lack of play time.

  3. Absolutely loving my new PSVR! Entire family has been very busy playing since arrival and really enjoying it all the way!

    Really impressed by the technology and the real favourite so far has been Playroom VR. Great fun for the kids and the teamwork has been implemented in a great and fun way. Tumble VR is also fun and challenging (even dusted off the old Move controller)

    Considering other titles in the coming days, and don’t know about the longevity, but so far a fantastic new toy, no regrets in any way.

  4. I love PSVR, it does have its problems but it’s great. I only had 1 twinge of motion sickness in space odyssey and that was because it twin stick 360° turned. That was my own fault really.
    I got Battlezone today and I’m really impressed. After reading Eurogamers review of Rex Infinite I’m struggling not buying it.
    Though Deezoned points above Playroom VR is the real standout title so far. Great fun for all the family.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed PSVR so far. It’s not as high-res as I’d hoped, somewhere between the PS2 and the PS3 and the screen seems to have a graininess to it, almost like the filter they use to film The Walking Dead… But once you’re in, it’s totally immersive and completely believable.

    I’ve only experienced one head-tracking issue but I was being shot at by gangsters and held my gun up in front of my head while shooting over a desk. This essentially blocked the lights on the VR Headset and the camera couldn’t pick it up.

    With regards to nausea, I had a little when I was jumping from one asteroid to another in deep space… It was a shame because it was doing an amazing job of making me feel like an Alien Species as I looked down at my body strapped into this tiny scavenger ship…

    It’s definitely something you have to do in short bursts… it’s quite tiring.

  6. Good old infinity ward have borked the call of duty DEMO!matchmaking is non existant

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