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Review Of The Year 2016 - May

Nathan who?

It is the first May of 2016 that we will covering in this feature, the usual one that followed April, and not the one who can be found wearing questionable brown leather trousers who sprung to power following Brexit. I hope that clears up any confusion, a service we also offered back in May (the month) when we posted a handy guide for those who kept on getting Battleborn and Overwatch mixed up. We also did some serious investigative journalism (or possibly just took the mick) and asked “What happened to the Xbox One Cloud?

Two years after it launched in the states the PlayStation Network exclusive TV show Powers finally made it to our shores, except it was on Spike TV and not the PSN. To confuse matters Sony gave away season two of the show on the PSN at the end of the month.

It was a month of leaks as we discovered the new Call of Duty would be set in space, Modern Warfare would be remasteredBattlefield would take place during World War 1, and sadly, Disney Infinity was cancelled as we learnt that the House of Mouse had grossly miscalculated and had made so many plastic toys that the game could never be profitable.

Sony continued to dominate the market with the announcement of 40 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold, and we had the first indication that there were troubles ahead for No Man’s Sky as it was delayed for a few more months.

There were plenty of games to choose from in May but there was only one that everyone was waiting for, Coffin Dodgers! No. Wait. That’s wrong. It was Table Top Racing: World Tour. No. Still wrong. Shadwen? Homefront: The Revolution? Stellaris, Shadow of the Beast, Doom, Battleborn, The Detail? No? How about The Magic Circle: Gold Edition? I jest of course, everyone went nuts for the final outing of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4, which gained a rare 10/10 from TSA.

We talked to Troy Baker to discuss his role in the game, asked just who is Nathan Drake, looked at the tiniest details found in the game, and toasted Naughty Dog as the game shifted 2.7 million units in one week.

As we headed towards the middle of the year 2016 was slowly revealing just how utterly rubbish it would be as EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed in the Mediterranean Sea with no survivors, and an investigation into drug misuse by Russian atheletes began. In the Indiana primary Donald Trump crushed his opponent and Ted Cruz officially exited the race for president, while writer of The Liver Birds, Carla Lane, passed away aged 87, as did Burt Kwouk.

Mike the weatherman stopped doing his monthly summaries in May… Perhaps he was too busy playing Uncharted?

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