Mojang And Sony Still In Discussions For Minecraft Cross-Network Play On PlayStation 4

While Microsoft and Mojang’s announcement of cross-network Minecraft play at E3 should have been a big win for all, as one of the most popular games of the last decade demolished the barriers between platforms, it instead turned into a PR stumble for Sony.

Whether a business decision, a refusal to muddy the waters with needing an Xbox Live log in, or a ridiculous “won’t someone think of the children” mentality that even Nintendo was able to get past, it sucks.


As the Better Together update heads into beta testing – you can find details on how to access it on Windows 10, Android and Xbox One here – Mojang have released an FAQ that indicates it’s not the end of the road for PS4 cross-platform play:

Q: Will the new version be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch?

A: While we are thrilled to be able to confirm the new version of Minecraft is coming to Nintendo Switch, we are still in discussions with Sony about PlayStation and have nothing to confirm. We would love to work with Sony to bring players on PlayStation 4 into this ecosystem as well.

So come on, Sony. Do the right thing.

Source: Mojang


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  1. Won’t happen. Sony have no reason to and are as stubborn as ever anyway.

    • Until Friday I’d never had two consoles from the same generation before, but now I’ve got the choice I’d definitely buy a game for my Switch over my PS4 to enjoy an extra feature or two (Zelda and Mario Kart may have freed me from my trophy obsession!)
      I reckon Sony will eventually get round to it if they see a dip in their Minecraft sales and the other major platforms maintain. Cross play works so well in the few games I’ve tried and I can see it stretching into the annual FPS release genre, although I doubt we’ll ever see XBox v PS CoD tournaments.

      • Yeah it would take some significant drops in sales for Sony to consider it. There’s so much potential for tournaments and the increased player count for games that don’t have a lot. Hopefully one day they allow it for the good of the community.

    • They have the Lions share of the console market. Why would they willingly help the competition? Of course the two losers want in on cross-network play but if MS or Nintendo were in Sony’s position, I’m pretty sure they’d be just as reluctant. Not that I care too much either way – Minecraft is pretty crap. Although I’m sure there are billions of people who disagree with me.

      • Yeah that’s what I meant by “they have no reason to” and for possibly the first time ever we agree on something – I think Minecraft is crap too!

  2. I’m more curious about what’s happening with the promised rollout of Minecraft VR to other platforms.

  3. Please Sony do the right thing, don’t let Microsoft have access to all my PSN data.

    Nintendo may have sold out all their users and given away all the data, but you are far better than this. You are also smart enough to see this publicity stunt forest it is, namely a setup that means whatever you did, Microsoft had a PR spin to lob onto brain-dead plebs on social media.

    • If you agreed to Microsoft crappy terms, your army of paid shills will be chanting about data privacy. If you refused, the army will chant about closed networks, you had no option to be anything but the bad guy, so just do what’s right for users, protect privacy

      • I was joking. Your paranoia is almost worrying. Everyone already knows who you are Mr Blighty, also your info was already lost by Sony, and after all if your worst case scenario happens maybe they’ll give us a few free games again!

    • Post of the year.

      • Glad you agreed. It doesn’t take an idiot to work it out.

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