The News At Sixth: 24/04/18

After yesterday’s news bonanza, today was a little more subdued. There’s a few launch trailers, a few release date announcements, but nothing on the level of game companies suing journalists. Still, if you’re after some summer gaming, today’s got you all sorted.

Also today…

Bandai Namco announced a few pre-order bonuses for Dark Souls Remastered. On PS4, you can get a free Dark Souls theme, while on Xbox One, you get the privilege of being able to preload the game. I’m shook.


In better news, PC owners who bought the downright shonky Prepare To Die Edition of the game can get 50% off the remaster. PTD is also being removed from sale on 9th May.

BattleTech is out today – catch our review here – and there’s a nice new launch trailer to go with it.

Hyper Sentinel now has some fancy pants new Mixer integration allowing stream viewers to actually dive in and help or hinder players in real time.

“Mixer interactive viewers can launch devastating real-time attacks as a member of the Attackers team, or deliver epic power-ups and weapon upgrades as a member of the Defenders team. Viewers can even take full control of a kamikaze “Mixeroid” enemy using an onscreen joystick to chase down the streamer!”

South Park: The Fractured but Whole is now out for Nintendo Switch!

There’s a new behind the scenes trailer for Two Point Hospital.

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