The News At Sixth: 07/06/18

It’s not long before we can put the pre-E3 madness behind us and just savour the madness of E3 itself. Today has seen a bunch of announcements, new trailers, a release date announcement and even a (rumoured) game delay. Let’s see what’s been going on?

Also Today…

Fear the Wolves is a new STALKER inspired Battle Royale game.


Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Para Bellum is now available.

The listing for Destiny 2‘s Forsaken expansion says you’ll need 104GB of space on your hard drive. One hundred and four gigabytes!

Tennis World Tour’s Nintendo Switch release has been delayed one week until 19th June, but its PC release is still on target for 12th June, and it’s already out on PS4 and Xbox One.

H1Z1‘s had some downtime to add new features.

The third patch for Chrono Trigger on PC has updated the game UI, made quality of life changes for battles, and squished the slow down performance bugs later in the game.

GRIP got a new trailer and a vague release window for this autumn, so I guess they’ve decided they can go toe to toe with Red Dead Redemption 2?

And finally, Dungeon Defenders II will have native blockchain rewards, which means absolutely nothing, because literally nobody understands what blockchain is outside of being very clever.

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