The News At Sixth: 24/08/18

Due to fluctuations in the time-space vortex last night’s News at Sixth was absent so it’s a bonus double-stuffed issue today. Gamescom is done for another year which means just one thing: Christmas is about to start. Not actual Christmas, but video games Christmas which starts in September, it’s AAA releases as far as the eye can see from here on.

Have a good weekend, we’re back on Monday with more news, features, reviews, and quite possibly the odd Britney Spears lyric if I get bored.


Also Today

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom has a new trailer fresh(ish) from Gamescom.

Neko Tomo is a game with talking cats coming out in Japan for Switch.

And Finally, Improbable Boobs. This is very questionable Senran Kagura Reflexions which “uses the unique properties of the Joy-Con to employ the art of reflexology and massage.”

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.