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The News At Sixth: 10/10/18

The one with a footballer in a black room.

It feels like people have been asking for PSN ID name changes almost as long as they were demanding cross game chat, but Sony have finally responded, announcing that you’ll be able to ditch that embarrassing teenage name sometime next year. That said, it comes with a few caveats that might break online play in older games…

Also today…

Activision painted a building with VBx2 Vantablack paint, the darkest, most light absorbent paints ever created, and then put Tottenham footballer Dele Alli in there. Why? Black Ops 4 is why…

Arsenal fans would probably say to leave him there.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has got a ton of great reviews, and now it’s got the sales to match, with Ubisoft saying it has the best series sales this generation.

MapleStory 2’s cutesy MMORPG is out worldwide on PC today.

Here’s the My Memory of Us launch trailer:

And finally, 2 million people played Forza Horizon 4 in its first week on sale. How many bought the game? How many bought Xbox Game Pass? How many used a Game Pass trial to get at the game? Microsoft ain’t saying, but they seem pretty happy about it.


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