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The News At Sixth – 09/01/19

Hey there, it might be cold outside but things are warming up in the TSA news room as publishers and PR teams slowly emerge from the post Christmas lull. We have news of a Metro Exodus special edition, a new sale on the Xbox store, and a double pack of skateboarding fun for Switch.

Also today:

There’s a new Splatoon 2 tournaments website which you can find by tickling this link. 

With this new online community, you can easily assemble your own teams, recruit new members and join regular online tournaments – for fun, or for glory! Don’t have any teammates in mind? Simply sign up, head to the “Find a Team” section and you’ll be matched up with similar solo splatters.

Gangbeasts has been delayed again on Xbox One and no longer has a confirmed date.

Here’s the January update to PS Now.


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