Something for the Weekend – 15/02/20


After Storm Ciara (Montague?) blew threw the country last week, we now have Storm Dennis (the Menace?) following in her wake. Make sure to get your wheelie bins and “bounce based toys” battened down so they don’t get blown away… again!

In the News This Week

And if you’re on PC, grab your free games!

Games in Review

A quieter week in the review booth this week, partly because we’re continuing to experiment with Dreams’ final release before delivering our verdict.

And we also had a review of this ludicrous ultra-wide monitor from Samsung.


With Valentine’s Day yesterday, we partnered with My Arcade for a couples oriented gift, with a prize draw for a pair of their Pocket Players – one Pac-Man and one Ms. Pac–Man. Make sure to enter before the draw closes on Sunday!

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Featured Articles

While we didn’t have a review, we did sit down and ponder whether Dreams is a game for you, looking at the various different sides to the game’s creation tools and opportunities for play. Similarly, we also curated a list of 12 dreams to check out on day one, highlighting some of its possibilities. Make sure to queue them up via!

Jim was all about the number 10 this week, as he detailed 10 big changes coming in The Division 2: Warlords of New York, and counted through the 10 best Sonic games of this century, according to Metacritic.

Miguel had a port report for Daemon X Machina on PC, while I went hands on with the psychological horror of Those Who Remain and soared through the skies of the fantasy aerial combat game The Falconeer.

Finally, What We Played featured Dreams, Azur Lane: Crosswave and Final Fantasy VII. The original one.

Trailer Park

Square Enix officially release the Final Fantasy VII Remake opening movie

Outriders gets a new trailer, confirmed for PS5 and Series X

Check out The Division 2: Warlord of New York reveal trailer

Castlevania Season 3’s trailer is full of action and blood, coming in March

Ooh La La! Space Channel 5 VR dances onto PlayStation VR this month

Your Achievements

A few of our regulars popped in to tell us about their week of gaming:

  • TSBonyman had a bit of flu this week – insert joke about coronavirus here – so he completed Shadow of the Tomb Raider. He couldn’t be bothered with any of the side missions on this run, so returned to his comfort gaming of No Man’s Sky and is now getting back into Dreams.
  • Crazy_Del played through Hellblade last weekend for the platinum trophy, and is now having a ball with Just Cause 4. There’s also Darksiders Genesis co-op on the cards with his buddy B_Cambo.
  • A case of flu while holidaying in the Alps – wait… coronavirus? – saw Andrewww tucked up in bed with Zero Time Dilemma and playing Scythe for the first time.
  • It’s been more of “everything” from MrYd, who’s also rattled through Dreams’ short Mm story mode. He’s also been tempted by The Division 2 being on sale.

That’s it for this week. Hope you have a fab weekend hiding away from Dennis.

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