What We Played #442 – Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing: New Horizons & Persona 5 Royal

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A rare day when two utterly contrasting game communities have united in mutual joy and celebration is upon us, as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal both launched today. Perhaps it’s the almost complete lack of gameplay crossover, meaning they can cater to completely different audiences, but it’s been quite delightful to see the cute fan art of the Doomslayer playing on Switch or Isabelle battling demons.

I’ve been playing one of these two games… and it was the chirpier, more cheerful Animal Crossing: New Horizons that I reviewed for earlier this week. In fact, I’ve been playing it since the start of this month, and with almost three weeks of game under my belt, I still love dipping in each day. It’s just so lovely.

Miguel, on the other hand, went full throttle for our Doom Eternal review. Struggling to find anything that he disliked about this evolved arcade shooter, he handed it a rare 10/10. That wasn’t all though, he’s played a little of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, customised a demon-hunting lady in Nioh 2, dabbled with Call of Duty: Warzone, and has already caught a huge number of fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Wait. Did I say 10/10s were rare? Doom’s embargo lifted just an hour after Persona 5 Royal’s, and Nic found it to be just as fantastic as the 2017 original that it has expanded upon. Some more story here, some quality of life improvements there, and everything that made the original JRPG masterpiece so good, and this meant we had two 10/10s in a week!

Tuffcub streamed some yoga yesterday lunchtime, but has mainly been playing – you guessed it – Destiny 2, as well as Jumanji: The Video Game, “which is a very odd split-screen shooter a bit like Timesplitters, but rubbish.”

Eager Resident Evil beaver that he is, Steve played the Resident Evil 3 demo yesterday, but has largely been playing the topically named Resistance and Resistance 2. He’s got some Ori and the Will of the Wisps and the original Resi 3 on his playlist for the weekend, once he can stop “playing” Microsoft Teams.

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotion for Ade, who’s had his son’s birthday as a high, and “most other things” as lows. So he leant on an old favourite and dove into the Masocore madness of Nioh 2. “As a game it’s a delight, even if I still can’t beat that bloody forge demon. Yet. The obstacle is the way and I will whip his flame grilled buttocks!”

Nick is still obsessed with Call of Duty: Warzone, saying he’s “starting to appreciate it a lot more and my team and I find tactics to improve our game. My gulag record isn’t quite as impressive now, but I think it’s because people just getting better at the game. Still very solid and it’s been very cool discovering locations from previous CoD games, like the plane from the ‘Mile High Club’ mission in the OG Modern Warfare.”

Jason has also been playing Warzone, but thinks it’s worse than Blackout and not as fun as Apex Legends. I’m sure he can settle this with Nick in the Gulag. That said, he’s mostly played One Step From Eden, describing it as “a roguelike with Mega Man Battle Network combat.”

And Warzone gets a vote of “it’s alright” from Aran, while also played a bit of Greedfall, but is dealing with a lot of pressure from work and uni a moment.

Now then, what have you played this week? Are you embarking on an island adventure, or planning on kicking hell in the nuts this weekend? How’ve you fared in the Gulag? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I finished off Wolfenstein 2. Well, I say finished, it was more a case of “I’ve got to the end, and now I can’t be arsed going around collecting a load of crap for all those other trophies”. Actually, there’s some other bits I might do. Generally lots of fun though.

    And then lots of The Division 2. I’m sure the update for the paid expansion kind of broke things if you haven’t got it. Suddenly gets very hard on all the extra free stuff, which I was half way through doing. So I gave them more money, and it suddenly gets easier. After playing through all the New York stuff and getting up to level 40. The expansion is more of the same, which isn’t a bad thing. At least it tries to make the boss fights more interesting than just bullet sponges.

    Must get around to finishing off Control now. Kept dying due to too much happening and it turning into a slideshow.

  2. This week was mostly reading loads about and avoiding Corona, which is very present in my current life. We went out cycling several times in the sunny weather, not knowing whether we would still be allowed to do that next week.
    Besides that, it was The Division 2, which offers so many hours of fun exploring the city, doing loads of side missions, etc. I am quite tempted to get the DLC at some point.

    • For someone who seems to be enjoying The Division 2 as much as I’ve been enjoying it lately, you should enjoy the DLC. It’s more of the same, but obviously not as much to it.

      • Thanks, I also think I would, and it sounds like continuing the main story of the first game, which I liked (and I miss this currently in D2, but I’ve not done all missions yet).
        I just think it’s still quite expensive, as it costs more than I usually pay for a full game (always being late to the party).

      • On the other hand, if you picked it up cheap quite recently, like I did, what you paid for the game plus the DLC at full price is cheaper than buying the game on it’s own when it launched.

        That was my justification anyway ;)

  3. Been playing The Hunt and got the Platinum ^^
    Then I played the RE3 Demo about 6x lol cannot wait for the full version!
    Went back on Just Cause 4 and finally got the Platinum.
    This weekend is Darksiders Genesis and Doom Eternal.

  4. I haven’t played much this week, too much anxiety. I’ll be more relaxed once i can self-isolate, hopefully in next few days even though the worry then is that i won’t have a job to return to. Be safe everyone.

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