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Something for the Weekend – 04/04/20

It was a mere three weeks ago we were looking forward to the Australian Grand Prix and just four weeks since the last Six Nations game. With a lack of sport each weekend, I’m hoping the Virtual Grand Prix tomorrow will satisfy my appetite. We’ll see!

On the plus side, there’s still a load of great games coming out right now – is there anything you’re picking up?

In the News This Week

Here’s the biggest headlines of the week:

And with the start of the new month, there’s also a selection of free games being thrown in with PS+ and Xbox Live.

Games in Review

It was a super busy week for the reviews, check them all out here.

And we had a couple of hardware reviews:

Featured Articles

Teflon brought us the sole preview of the week, which was for the Archaeology skill update for RuneScape. Here, players will be able to dig to uncover the history behind the Elder Gods through artefacts and materials.

He also returned to Zombie Army Trilogy as it’s now out for Nintendo Switch, and while a solid port he came away with mixed feelings over returning to simpler times for co-op zombie sniping. Zombie Army 4 just pushed the series gameplay forward so much!

Meanwhile, Jim played Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord as it entered into Early Access on PC. Is this the sequel that fans of the series have been waiting for?

Other than that, What We Played featured Resident Evil 3, Mount & Blade II & Animal Crossing.

Trailer Park

Boundary brings low-orbit first person shooting to PS4 and PC later this year

Mortal Shell is a “ruthless” action-RPG heading to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

MotoGP 20 Managerial Career demoed in latest trailer

Your Achievements

Our usual readers popped by to share what they’ve been up to this week:

  • Crazy_Del hit trophy level 70 thanks to the platinum for Two Worlds II, and although he’s completed it three times already, the Resident Evil 3 remake hasn’t lived up to his expectations.
  • MrYd continued to steam through his backlog, dabbling in Sonic, Uncharted 2, the original Doom, as well as having mixed thoughts on Control.
  • Andrewww played more of The Division 2, and has decided to specialise in the sharpshooter class.
  • Also clearing through his PSVR backlog was TSBonyman, who played the Last Labyrinth, Solus Project, and suffered a few painful mishaps in Spiderman Far From Home!
  • And last up, ron_mcphatty enjoyed Jedi Fallen Order and Life is Strange.

Have a good week staying at home, and I’ll see you again soon!