Something for the Weekend – 30/05/20

As May comes to a close, I’m sure that a lot of you are buzzing about the start of June. Sony are ramping up towards their PS5 reveal that will take place on Thursday 4th June at 9PM BST. The big question is what will the reveal entail? Will we get to see the console? How much next-gen gameplay will we get to see? Will there be a launch date and price?

We’ll have to wait until Thursday to get these answers, so in the mean time, let’s recap this past week.

In the News This Week

And there’s a bunch of gaming freebies that got announced as well:


Speaking of freebies, we’ve got not one, but two giveaways on the site this weekend!

If you’re looking to up your game on PlayStation 4, you can put your name in the hat to win a PS4 Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller. Hope you like an asymmetrical layout!

And we’ve got a thousand codes for the KartRider: Drift beta on Xbox One and PC. This kart racer is shaping up to be a great alternative to Crash Team Racing or Mario Kart 8, so why not give it a quick try?

Games in Review

There were quite a mix of games in the review pool this week:

And just a sole hardware review this week:

Featured Articles

From the previews, Adrian kicked things off with a look at Inkulinati, which he described as “without doubt one of the most vibrant, energetic and enjoyable turn based strategy games I’ve ever played”. He also had a look at Embr, a cartoon fire-fighting game to enjoy with your friends.

Tef took to the track with the “compelling, albeit minimalist” Trackmania franchise reboot, before putting in some hot laps round F1 2020’s Hanoi circuit. It’s pretty clear to see why he’s typically found behind a keyboard and not a race car wheel…

Finally, What We Played featured Xenoblade Chronicles, Civilization VI & Golf With Friends.

Trailer Park

The Last of Us Part 2 State of Play

Square Enix reveal Outriders gameplay and World Tiers difficulty system

Fast & Furious Crossroads first gameplay trailer reveals new August release date

Your Achievements

  • Only TSBonyman popped in to the WWP comments this week, sharing his adventures in Dead Space and Journey to the Savage Planet. Oh, and he also picked up DOOM VFR but hasn’t had a chance to give it a go yet.

Have a good weekend, and I’ll see you in June. Bye!