Something for the Weekend – 25/07/20

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The Xbox Games Showcase did exactly what many thought Microsoft should have done with their first attempt – focus on the games, and especially their first party line up or exclusive deals.

While it was still too short on actual gameplay and we didn’t get a glimpse of a price or release date, it was certainly enough to get excited for the next few years of Xbox gaming! What was your favourite moment from the show?

In the News This Week

Let’s start with some of the highlights from the Xbox Games Showcase the other day:

Outside of that, it was still a busy week news-wise

Games in Review

Moving on to the reviews now:

And from the hardware reviews:

Featured Articles

Even though we’re in the traditionally quiet summer period, we had a good selection of previews this week. Miguel kicked things off with a look at the “jaw dropping” Genshin Impact, a stunning free-to-play action RPG.

Elsewhere, Jim went hands on with Total War Saga: Troy, finding it to contain modest, but welcome changes to the Total War franchise. He also called Rogue Company a “worthy rival to Counter-Strike and Valorant” and something that “should definitely be on your radar”.

Stefan’s first preview of the week was for Star Renegade, a little gem that has him hooked, while he compares Remedy’s CrossfireX single player campaign to ‘Modern Warfare X Max Payne’.

Speaking of CrossfireX, Stefan asked whether Microsoft had done a good job of managing expectations (again) with regards to the ‘cross-gen exclusives’ shown in the Xbox Games Showcase. Have they abandoned their cross-gen gaming promise already?

Last up, Thomas previewed Skater XL as part of the current skateboarding game renaissance, as What We Played featured Destroy All Humans, Ghost of Tsushima & Carrion

Trailer Park

FIFA 21 reveal trailer has released, watch it here

Watch Dogs Legion new Resistance trailer shows some more the world

Dirt 5 gameplay footage looks at the Path Finder events

Mafia Definitive Edition gameplay footage shows off stunning remake

Your Achievements

Here’s what our community has been playing this week:

  • tactical20 achieved 100% completion of Paper Mario Origami King which he really enjoyed!
  • After his continuing scuffle with his steed, Bob, MrYd played some No Man’s Sky, Dreams VR, and picked up Death Stranding – although he’s not sure he’s a fan of it yet.
  • As can be expected, Crazy_Del grabbed the platinum for Ghost of Tsushima, which he says “has to be the Game of the Year!”.
  • hornet1990 completed CoD:WW2 and has started on Battlefield V. Sadly his PS3 kicked the bucket this week, but 13 years is a good run!
  • And lastly, TSBonyman can’t muster the energy to complete TLOU2 right now, so they’ve been playing Vampyr, No Man’s Sky and Dreams VR.

Enjoy your weekends and I’ll see you again soon!