Our Most Wanted Games of 2021 – #3 Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom’s going to have a tough time topping Monster Hunter: World. Not only is it the Japanese publisher’s best selling game of all time (even topping the Resident Evil series), it marked such a massive evolution for the series that it’s hard to go back to those earlier instalments, as brilliant as they still are.

It’s fair to say that Monster Hunter Rise is more of a step to the side than a stride forward. Capcom wants to continue experimenting with the franchise and clearly isn’t ready to set aside its handheld roots. While the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have quite the same punch as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and Monster Hunter Rise won’t be able to match World in terms of scale or depth, that doesn’t mean it’s been stripped down to fit onto the hybrid console.


It’s already been confirmed that Rise will feature all 14 current weapon classes (no new weapons, sorry) while packing in a whole host of new and returning beasties to slay. Instead of trying to emulate Monster Hunter: World’s web of mechanics, the developers are splicing them with new ideas such as the Wirebug – a grappling hook attachment that can also be used in combat – as well as Wyvern Riding and more.

Along with the game’s accentuated verticality of environments, these features are part of Capcom’s plan to give Rise its own unique feel within the Monster Hunter series. They’re looking to add unique elements elsewhere too with even more animal companions at your side, a new village bustling with NPCs, and a bigger focus on story, Rise featuring plenty of voiced dialogue.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is a taste of the first essential Switch game of 2021

Monster Hunter Rise will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 26th, 2021. The game is available to pre-order with a digital deluxe edition up for grabs. There’s a free demo available from now until the end of January.

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