Guest Articles

Abridged Too Far – Four

This week everyone’s favourite Persian royalty gets the Abridged treatment.

GW: Gamer Species

Another brilliant and funny guest article for your enjoyment.

GW: Video-Game Violence

Nothing like a bit of violence on a Saturday morning. At least that’s what Thundercats taught me.

Abridged Too Far – Three

Another awesomely funny installment. Beware the spoilers though.

GW: Rental Lists

Can’t afford to buy all the games on your list? Renting is always an option.

Retro Reviews: Night Trap

This Sunday afternoon I learn that nostalgia isn’t what it used to be…

Abridged Too Far – Two and a Half

This is the conclusion to today’s earlier piece. Let’s see if they all live happily ever after!

Abridged Too Far – Two

The only thing better than last week’s Abridged Too Far is here. This week’s.

GW: Going Multiplatform

One TSA reader talks us through his unboxing of a second console.

GW: Rising Prices

The price of gaming might be going up but what are the true reasons?

Abridged Too Far – One

Another Guest Writer feature that we hope will become semi regular.

GW: Gaming Abroad

A guest writer piece that is really unique to TSA and something to think about before the Store update.

GW: Where I Fell in Love

Your Guest Writer submissions don’t have to be serious. It’d be nice if they all mentioned German porn though…

GW: Offline Multiplayer

Our first guest writer article sets a pretty high standard.

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