Burnout Paradise

TSA Fixes: Burnout Paradise

That’s right, another new weekly TSA feature. Each week we will pick a different game and explain how it could be fixed.

DLC Review: Burnout’s Cops and Robbers Mode

Yet more premium DLC for Burnout Paradise, and Tom reckons it’s the best yet.

Big Surf Trophies Revealed

Online trophy comparison reveals new trophies, hints at size, or lack thereof, of forthcoming DLC.

Burnout Paradise Hits 1.8

Paradise moves up to version 1.8 ahead of the Cops and Robbers pack.

Cops and Robbers Priced

The latest Burnout Paradise pack gets priced, and dated.

Cops And Robbers Comes To Burnout

EA send us the teaser trailer for this promising looking Burnout Paradise expansion, which is due soon.

Planes Coming To Paradise

Timely secret update, or cruel April Fools joke a little too early. You decide.

Toy Collection Price Error

Burnout Toy Collection receives pricing error, in our favour. If you want it, come and get it.

Cops And Robbers In Paradise

More Burnout DLC than we can shake a stick at. A very big stick as well.

Massive Burnout Update Coming

A huge update for Burnout on its way, but the cynic in me is worried.

Jansen 88 Special

Burnout Paradise goes back. To the Future. Video inside, race fans.

New Burnout Trophies

Looks like the Party Pack is coming with new Trophies.

Last Paradise Update

Still yearning for more Burnout news? Well, here’s the big one.

Burnout Ultimate Box

Burnout Paradise gets better and better for new owners next year.

Offline vs Online

Glenn looks at gaming with your mates instead of gaming with strangers.

First Paradise Pack News

Got real life friends? You’re going to love this new Burnout Party mode, then.

Burnout Trophies Live

(update) Want more Trophies, do you? Well, step this way, young hunters.

Burnout Gets Trophies

Updated. PSN download on Thursday, alongside free Trophy patch. Rejoice!