Metal Gear Solid 4

MGS4 Sells 5 Million

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Metal Gear Solid 4: A Rant

It’s satire people, don’t hurt me…

News Snatch: Controllers & Adverts

Gaming news from down the back of the internet. Todays Snatch (sponsored by Crispy Pancakes) has 50% extra free!

PS3 Platinum Additions

Some of the best games. Only cheaper.

MGS 4 Trophies: “We Can’t Say Anything Just Yet”

Kojima Productions speaks out on some Solid trophies.

MGS 4 Trophies Incoming?

Konami set to announce “game updates” for Metal Gear fans.

Metal Gear Watch

Watch out, it’s time for the ultimate in gaming merchandise…

MGS4 PS3 Only. But MGS5…?

Konami considering multi-platform development, again.

MGS4 Beginners Site

Not good at Metal Gear Solid, but awesome at Japanese? Read on.

MGS Heading To Xbox

Sources say Xbox 360 version of Konami masterpiece is ‘inevitable’.

MGO Expansion Dated

Official Press Release just in. Like, literally, just in. Zoom.

Developing Games

Development is getting more expensive, but which costs the most?

MGS 4 Soundtrack Released

Don’t pirate it, buy it, ya scum bags. Think of the poor kids.