TSA Plays Virtua Tennis 2009

TSA on Tour: This week we visited SEGA to play Virtua Tennis 2009.

Virtua Tennis 2009 Release Date

The daddy of tennis sims is back. We bring the exclusives with the release date of VT2K9.

SEGA Give PS3 Owners The Short Stick

New Vintage Collection downloads heavily biased in the favour of the Xbox 360. Very heavily.

Sega Classics Coming To PSN

Vintage, apparently. We prefer our vintage stuff to be drinkable, but still pretty good.

Virtua Tennis 09 Pirated

The one thing I’ve always thought that was missing from a game of tennis is pirates, well now even that’s about to change.

Valkyria Chronicles DLC?

(Update 10) Rumours, whisperings and tweets. Is something new coming to Valkyria Chronicles?

Caution On New IP

Big publishers to reign-in spending on new IP due to the current economic cluster-fu…

Iron Man 2

Are you a big fan of piss-poor movie tie-ins? Then step this way and prepare to be amazed…

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