PSN Content: 25/09/08

It’s Thursday.  Thursday is the first day of the week, according to SCEE, because it’s when they provide us with massive bandwidth destroying goodies in exchange for some of our hard-earned pennies (they rest on Wednesdays).  

So what have we got this week?


PS3 Games:

  • WipEout HD.  We loved it last week, and we’ve been collecting our Trophies this week.  It’s brain-meltingly fast and utterly wonderful.  We’ve not been able to test the online mode yet, but it’s worth every penny even without it.
  • Burnout Paradise.  We’re not 100% sure it’s coming to Europe this week, but the downloadable version of Criterion’s massively supported racer will be available to play entirely from the hard drive very soon.  If you’ve already got the Blu-ray version, keep an eye out for the Trophy patch, meant to go live today.
  • Megaman 9, and Geon Emotions.  Both brand new PSN games, both limited to the US Store, we think.  We’ll let you know if that changes though later in the day.  Megaman 9 has hit the European store, awesome.  Geon Emotions has Trophy support from day one, by the way. 
PS3 Demos:
  • Megaman 9 also comes with a demo, alongside a belated one for Beijing 2008, and the same Mercenaries 2 demo that was on the US Store last week.
PSP Games:
  • Both Burnout Dominator and Burnout Legends are now available to download and play on your PSP.

Game Content:

  • Plenty of Rock Band downloads for you today, Bad Religion, The Cult, Kasabian and the legendary Stone Roses amongst the bands available for you to strum, drum and hum along to.  There’s single tracks and what appears to be a ‘Rush Pack’, but that looks like different songs entirely.  Hmm.
  • SingStar fans should keep an eye out for this SingStar update, too.
  • Buzz! lovers will appreciate the Video Games quiz pack, and there’s a new pack for Poker, too.


  • PES 2009 trailer
  • Valkyria Chronicles trailer
  • Ferrari Challenge trailer
  • Pure launch trailer
  • Pain Amusement Park trailer (x2)
  • MGS trailer


  • Bioshock theme
  • Fallout 3 theme