Japanese Software Charts

Japanese charts are something that have been interesting me lately. I still like to think of Japan as the home of video games and I like to think that the trends there will eventually migrate here.

Probably not true given that in the UK we’re now a bigger market than Japan and because we have SCEE watching over us we can kiss goodbye to any decent migration of trends. At least in any sort of timely fashion. I’d like Yakuza 3 sometime before the forecast release date of Q4 two-thousand-and-never.

Anyway, on to the news: Biohazard 5 (that’s Resi 5 to you and me. Unless you’re Japanese, in which case I was right the first time) is sitting comfortably at the top of the charts on Playstation 3. Comfortably as in it sold 312,000 copies on the Sony machine and only 79,000 on the Xbox. The eagle-eyed amongst you will also notice that those half-arsed sales figures are Microsoft’s only entry in the top ten this week. Whereas the PS3 appears twice, once for the multiplatform Resi 5 and once for the exclusive Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3 to those outside the land of the rising sun). Hell, even the PS2 makes an appearance at number 8 with the rest of the spots being taken by the handhelds.

Is this a sign that Japan is firmly back to favouring the PS3 after those healthy 360 sales at the tail end of 2008? Absolutely, Japan has never really loved the Xbox, they just bought it for the couple of exclusive RPGs and the fact that it got cheap.

Will these figures translate to the European or US charts? Probably not but it is good to see that the nation which invented gaming still know where the quality is.

Is this vindication for Sony’s “We’ll win in the long-run” attitude? Possibly, their extended life-cycle seems to be making more sense with each passing month now.

Will I stop interviewing myself like I was someone important? OK, but I only did it because nobody else ever wants to interview me and I’d like to be important.

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