PixelJunk 1-4 Contest And Trailer

Only officially announced last week, Pixeljunk 1-4, or as we’re calling it, “TSA Underground”, now has something of a mini-site.  The teaser site has 6 pages of preview screens, marked “concept images” and a few details on how the game will work, thus:  In groundbreaking gameplay, players can directly interact with various materials in the environment, water, magma, earth and more. They are encouraged to use their imaginations and experiment with their surroundings.


The game mixes both shooting and strategy elements – players can take cover behind rocks and use the fluids to defeat enemies.  Stages are designed around an elegant and dynamic fluid simluation system. Liquids flow realistically and are designed to stimulate the player. The most exciting bit, though? Q-Games are offering you the chance to name the game, with the winner immortalised in the game and 5 runners up winning a cool t-shirt. You’ve got until the 11th of May to think of a name and submit it.