Flow Gets Trophies

As Sony continue to update their back catalog of PSN exclusives.

We broke the news that Lemmings would get Trophies last month (the news, not the Trophies) and since then it seems Sony is quite keen on updating its back catalogue of PSN titles. We’ve heard that there’s another old ish title due to get the Silverware enhancement soon, but in the meantime it’s ThatGameCompany’s Fl0w that’s getting the Trophy treatment.  Want to know what they are?  Well, there’s some beautifully named Bronze Trophies, karma-filled Silvers and the rather obvious but still cool Gold, all listed below:


Start the first campaign after installing

Complete any campaign with 4 players

Complete any campaign with a creature of 25 segments or longer

Decorate your creature with more than 10 alternating segments

Eat all foods in a campaign without killing any advanced creature

Eat all advanced creatures in a campaign without eating any food

Consume all credit foods

Paralyse the same creature 5 times without killing it

Take more than 10 screenshots

Eat every level complete egg


Complete any campaign without being hurt<

Complete any campaign without eating anything

Complete any campaign within 120 seconds


Leave game on idle in the end of credits for 30 minutes

And naturally, now that I’m not desperately trying to keep the server alive and appear to be able to leave it running on its own for at least 5 minutes, I’ve managed to find the time to add it to our ever growing PS3 Trophies list.  We’ll get around to everything else that needs to be done as soon as possible – apologies for the shitty service over the last couple of days but we’ve had to take certain pages offline whilst we get them fixed, and this may continue through tomorrow too.

Credit: Mr-Flame-Head, Jonny_bolton and Hodgi92 who between them managed to format the list.

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