Space Invaders: Infinty Gene Announced

Time for another iPhone port to find its way to consoles and this time it’s the daddy of all gaming, Space Invaders. The all time classic recently had a makeover and became Space Invaders: Infinity Gene which brought a new vector-graphic look and role playing elements.

The new twist is that as you progress the game elvolves by taking the ‘genes’ of other shooters and incorporating them in to the Space Invaders game. Power-ups include rapid shot, search laser, wave, lock-on and gravity.

No release date has been announced as yet, so in the meantime here is the trailer for the iPhone version which shows how some other shooter elements get incorporated in to the game.

Source: Space Invaders: Infinty Gene Site



  1. Hmm, sounds a lot like the freeware game Genetos;

  2. The original iPhone game works brilliantly, and it’s a real blast to play, a proper must-have for iPhone weilding gamers. I can’t help but feel the console port will be vastly inferior, however.

    • Why would the console version be worse??

      • sometimes games are just meant or work with a specific device such as a touch capable iPhone and so if the game is simply ported then it would be a shame however if developers took the time to make it console orientated then im sure it could become something great, just take Flight Control HD and flOw as examples of what happens when the time is taken to prepare iPhone games for the console :D

  3. nice, can’t wait to play me mp3 collection through it! ;)

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