DC Universe Online Character Creation Trailer

A couple of the comments on yesterdays DC Universe Online trailer pointed out that it would be nice to see a few more created characters, rather than just the DC superheroes/villains.  Well SOE must have heard you as a new ‘Character Create’ trailer has been released, showing off some of the game’s potential.

Source: Playnation



  1. This game seems to have been in development for ever now – even longer than GT5 – and not much seems to have changed since the first video released. Are there any videos out there showing gameplay?

    • hardly that long, at least it not as long as duke nukem. Plenty of gameplay vids on youtube

  2. http://www.gametrailers.com/game/dc-universe-online/8708

    there’s a more detailed look at character creation there, i can’t wait to get my hands on that character creation tool, i know i’ll spend ages playing with that before i ever get in game. :)

  3. lol me too i can see the character creation taking me a long time, followed by even longer on the game its self

  4. Coolness!
    I just wish there wasn’t any monthly payments, I think Plus should cover that.

  5. cant wait for this game….ragin its been delyaed but hopefully we get an open beta or something for plus members

  6. I’m really beginning to become very interested in this which is annoying because I really don’t fancy a subscription fee to keep up with.

  7. This game looks divine, the unfortunate thing is that it has a monthly fee (something i hate)

    though i am planning on getting a job next year so i might be able to play it (or ill just buy a few random PS3 games, either way im going to have fun)

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