Prey 2 Ditches The Portals

The original Prey contained a couple of neat ideas, namely the spirit walking and the use of portals. In the latest issue of PSM3 developer Human Head explains why portals have been dropped in Prey 2:


“We explored a lot of the ways you could use portals and gravity in combat, and I really wanted to shift away from making it too much of a puzzle game.

Portals and gravity were the functions of The Sphere [the mothership in the original game]. And The Sphere’s gone.”

The removal of the portal feature has annoyed quite a few gamers, and it also seems to contradict what has been previously mentioned. However, if the playable game is as intriguing as its teaser trailer then count me in.

Source: Beef Jack



  1. The portal is a lie.

    So this will just be your average game then? TheLoneSteven is not impressed.

  2. The portal bit when you went back to the original bar in Prey was ace. Shame they’re gone.

  3. This coupled with the extremely generic image of the main character are a real turn off. It seems there’s no end to dumbing down in the hope of guaranteed sales.

  4. That’s a bit odd, i thought portals were a big part of the gameplay.

  5. So they’ve turned him into a space marine and removed the portals. What makes it different than every other game now then?

    • The main guy is ‘flexible’ and can do a bit of free running. Like, er, Faith in Mirrors Edge.


      • I bet it ends up a bit like Crysis 2, where you just grab the odd ledge.

  6. I liked the gravity effects more, although it did feel quite puzzly at times

  7. Ah man, I love the portal it was cool, especially at the start of the bar just like nofi said. They were brilliant.

  8. Well that’s pretty disappointing. The portals in the first were awesome, when combined with the gravity etc. etc. Some of the set pieces were simply fantastic too, like when you step through a portal, and suddenly you’re on a mini little planet that was kept in a jar!

    Not anticipating this anywhere near as much now.

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