NGP Real-Time Demo Looks Fantastic

Developer ‘Trinigy’ has posted a one minute NGP tech demo on YouTube, and it certainly looks impressive! Alongside the video was the following description:

“This video shows a scene creating in the Vision Game Engine running in real time on the NGP. The demo is designed to highlight some of the features that will be available on the NGP version of the game engine.”


  • NGP-specific shader optimizations.
  • Glare effects and postprocessing.
  • Static and dynamic lighting with volumetric lights.
  • NGP-optimized, multi-threaded architecture.”

What do you think?

Source: Pocket Gamer



  1. Looks good. What has impressed me more are the developers saying how easy it is to do and to port code straight from the PS3 with little time needed.

  2. What do I think..? This look absolutely freakin’ awesome!!

  3. Cool….. now all its needs is Monster Hunter

  4. It’s nice but the draw distance is very short, might just be like that because it’s a tech demo but it’s not a large area. If you look to the end of the street it looks quite bland and enclosed.

    • That’s not representative of the engine’s draw distance. It’s just a small area of street and buildings with an obvious edge of the world. That’s all they’ve created for the tech demo, I imagine. That may mean they’re using way more memory for this small area than they would for an actual game world, though. Lower-quality real-life applications, perhapppppppppppppp

  5. This looks so good, I can’t wait to actually see some decent games through this.

  6. Yeah s’pretty. Wish the camera would stay still on some areas so you could inspect a bit closer though.

  7. Yes, it looks good for a handheld. The demo could do with some realistic shadows around the NPCs though as the lack of shadows spoils the illusion of the scene.

  8. want to watch but can’t! Stoopid work….. blocking my viewing pleasure

  9. looks lovely indeed. I might buy this depending on the price.

  10. Watching that, I simply want a remake of the Unreal Tournament intro. Loved that intro…

    Looks quite good, but feels like it’s not really pushing to the max just yet. We’ll see what Epic can do when they get UE3 onto it.

    • feel the same way Uncharted looks better.

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