Grammar, Stats And Rose Tinted Specs

You lot might be off having barbeques, drinking cider and watching sport, but we’re here, stuck in TSA Towers slogging over some groovy words.  Yes, that’ll be the weekend, which started with something of a bang with Peter’s question on Friday evening: are Sony running out of ideas? What was meant to be a discussion point regarding the current emphasis on HD remakes rather than original, unknown AAA titles turned into something of a battering, which many commentors more concerned with our grammar than worrying about how Ico will look in 1080p.  Still, we read every, last, comment.

On  brighter notes, Delriach nearly broke the server with 600 new screenshots of the latest Dead or Alive and MotorStorm finally got a confirmed US release date, just as the UK version drops to just twenty quid in GAME.  Funny old world, huh?

Back to the blogs and opinion, and TSA regular Dexter17’s wonderful discussion about desensitisation set up Saturday nicely, talking about emotion, Saw and the industry at large, before Jim reviewed Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter for PS3 and I moaned about the good old days of gaming before this dreadful thing called the internet appeared.  Oh, and twelve (count them) minutes of Battlefield 3 footage hit, and although not everyone liked what they saw you can’t argue there’s a massive amount of potential.


Sunday morning, and enter news that Portal 2’s built with the latest 3.60 SDK, which means you can’t currently play it on custom firmwares, annoying some but providing some stifled giggles from others.  Crytek were awake, too, talking about the struggles they had cramming Crysis 2 onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 – which woke a few people up with a start…  Gamoc talked about sequels, Peter asked what you’d want next from TSA and Greg did was Greg does best: compiled lots of stats about the 3DS and discussed sales figures from America.

Yep, just another weekend.

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  1. Some fantastic articles in there. Not just another weekend… an excellent one. thank you, TSA!

  2. What would I do without TSA? [work, maybe? ha]

  3. Everytime Del uploads some new pictures we have to buy a new server :op currently we have an underground storage bunker housing all his MvC 3 ones :op

    • And those are just the clean ones ;)

  4. Nofi must hate it when Del uploads new screenshots.:P I wish i was having BBQ.:( I take it that the Basement of TSA towers is filled with dead servers then? ;)

  5. Just a mention but it’s usually good grammar to refer to a business as a single entity. Especially when text is away from casual chit-chat down the pub. I always replace my clients’ company names with mine (when I forget). Just the same as if I was talking about you (a single entity). For example:

    Sony is confident about the coming months as we head into the second quarter
    Alex is confident about the coming months as we head into the second quarter
    Mike is confident about the coming months as we head into the second quarter

    The only time you usually go for Sony “are” is when refer to a team (or something similar) inside of Sony. For example:

    Sony’s team are amongst the most efficient at patching up holes in trousers.

    Every time I read up about it (and confer with clients) it appears to be the usual etiquette.

    Anyway, outside of that (and apologies for the protracted explanation) there was absolutely no need for, what felt like, a very personal attack about the whole thing and certainly made the weekend more interesting. :-\

  6. Just out of interest, what is the smoke monster game featured on the thumbnail for this story?

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