The Witcher 2 Confirmed For Consoles. Ish.

CD Projekt’s Michael Kicinski has been on Polish TV talking about the PC version of ‘The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings’ and revealed the game will be coming to consoles. CD Projekt have previously hinted that the game may arrive on multiple platforms.

“Yes, it is for us an entirely new project. But of course, already working on it. You can expect that during such events as the largest fair in the world of computer games, or E3 and Gamescom we will inform you about what is currently being worked on…” said Michael in his native Polish.

Aware that the Internet will be dissecting his every word and mindful he might be ‘doing a Valve’ Michael helpfully added,


“And no, this is not a statement or taken out of context or incorrectly translated.”

To summarise: CD Projekt are working on The Witcher 2 for consoles but they have not announced the game.

Apart from Michael saying they are working on it.

But that’s not a statement.

But it is correctly translated.


Source: Polska PS3 via Videogamezone



  1. Great news. The Witcher was a brilliant game on the PC and really well supported by the Developers, who gave out an Enchanced Edition of the game long after it was released, which further improved it.

    If it doesn’t actually come out on Console in the end then it looks like I may need to take a look at my dusty pc.

  2. Good, really want this game! Depending when it would be ready this could be my RPG fix until Skyrim!

    • You’ve been teasing me with Witcher 2 news so I’m all years, fella. It’ll probably be a PC purchase for me but I care not. As long as it’s great, that’s me happy.

  3. Got the first on Steam, can’t wait

  4. Please! I want to lay this game so much, but my PC only barely runs the first one.

    • that’s a Freudian slip if ever I saw one :-P

  5. really really hope it does. utterly loved the first one on PC but my computer just couldn’t handle it. Now please just come out and say you are putting it on PS3 for god sake

  6. Heard nothing but love for this game so I am in.

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