Heavy Rain Director’s Cut On The Way

Fans of immersive, engaging narrative are being spoiled by today’s news. Following on from the half-reveal of the next Alan Wake, we have news of a retail refresh for Heavy Rain.

The Director’s Cut version of the game will go on sale in the US next week for just thirty of your newfangled colonial dollars. That’s less than a third of a Benjamin, if those rappers taught me anything about maths.


It features the game, of course, as well as a plethora of extra content. The Taxidermist DLC, official score (which is brilliant) and the eight “making of” videos are probably highlights for most people. There will also be three dynamic themes, 15 new pieces of concept art, two bonus trailers and a new menu front end that’s fully Move compatible.

There’s no word of a UK/EU release as yet but hopefully it sells strongly in the US and we get to see it here too. The more people that get to play this kind of game, the better.

Source: CVG



  1. I don’t know why this is a ‘directors cut’ unless the game itself has changed. ALl they’ve done is added a few trailers to the orginal collectors edition.

    • The Taxidermist DLC and one dynamic theme came with the Special Edition, so that’s nothing new. ALL the trailers can be downloaded from the US PSN store for FREE. So what’s left, dynamic themes and some pictures? I hardly call this a ‘directors cut’. If the storyline has changed then yes it’s a DC BUT unfortunately it hasn’t.
      Quantic Dreams and David Cage could have done so much more to call this a DC. If they’d included a new storyline explaining the missing holes that the original version lacked, then they could have named it a DC and probably worth buying/renting. *sighs*

      • Woops, I meant to right this as a separate post and not a reply to TC’s comment.

  2. I do hate getting “penalised” for buying games at launch for £39.99, for the later purchasers to get more for less. I might stop buying games, then buy all the re-releases with all the DLC such as RDR, LA Noire, New Vegas, Heavy Rain, Borderlands, GTAIV, Fallout 3, CoD4….

    Yes, I’m bitter.

    • I agree – However, unlike those that you have mentioned above (apart from Heavy Rain of course), it seems you are getting a lot less bang for your buck with this particular re-release.

      Very personal view of course, but the only thing i would be interested in of the above would be the taxidermist DLC. I don’t think it’s worth picking up this version just for that!

      • I have the Collectors Edition so have most of this content exc. the making of (I think), so my rant may seem a little unnecessary, however its the principle. You are right though, this one doesn’t seem as good as the other I’ve mentioned.

        Same as with CDs – true fans usually can’t wait to get their hands on an album at release, then it gets re-released just months later with bonus tracks etc.

      • Yup, exactly why i have 2 copies of Pendulum’s Hold Your Colour & 2 copies of all of The Prodigy’s albums bar the Fat Of The Land.

        Why they can’t just pop additional tracks on their next album is beyond me! :S

    • I agree, reminded me of this, it’s similar i think


  3. What the hell? They basically added nothing of value?! (since the DLC and soundtrack were included in the CE)

  4. Not much of a DC, but still a brilliant game, my GOTY of 2010. Hopefully more people will take notice of HR and if not buy this edition, then find the original game cheap.

  5. I only recently started playing heavy rain a couple of weeks ago. I was a bit disappointed when I saw the headline but having read the article I think the version I’m currently playing will be virtually the same.

  6. I already have the dlc and I can get the score off the PSN. Not much of a directors cut in my opinion, quite disappointing. It’s obviously just a cash grab…

  7. I wonder if the Move element will be on-disc….might be worth buying just to save the 3gb install!

  8. 3rd release of the same game? Street Fighter territory!
    It’s not a director’s cut without the story changing.
    So unless that’s a future announcement, this is the worst ‘complete’ edition yet.
    I got my copy of Heavy Rain new for €15. I haven’t bought any of the stuff included in this edition yet, but if and when I do, it’ll cost less than this.

  9. Worth it if you haven’t played it :p Its unlike any other game which is what i want from this gen.

  10. What a load of poop, apologies Peter but I can’t really understand the appeal given the game can be picked up for about 15 quid now, the Taxidermist is £4.99 I think and the soundtrack can be picked up for £7.99 on iTunes.

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