Escape Plan Dev Chats About Art Style

The Vita is a fascinating little machine. All the big noise surrounding it is focussed on Uncharted, WipEout, Resistance et al. but there’s something else, just under the surface of the marketing drive. Something that might just be truly refreshing for the modern gaming scene.

The Vita seems to have several high quality, imaginative titles already in development by studios that are as interested in providing a striking visual treat as they are in providing some innovative gameplay.


Escape Plan is one such game, its striking black and white aesthetic popping off the screen every time it’s shown. Here, the PS US Blog hosts a video in which the game’s producer, Matt Morton, talks about the art style and the control system for the tricky little puzzler.

Source: YouTube via PS US Blog



  1. I like the look of this. Interesting control scheme, I’m just not sold on the Vita yet.

  2. Sounds brilliant. This is the kind of software I want to see on the Vita. I just hope you can control the characters with the stick and interact with the environment by utilizing the touchscreens. Controlling them with the touchscreen alone would be a waste of perfectly good stick. :P

  3. I want this on the PS3 as I’m loving it so far. It’s so pleasing to see what they’re already doing with the Vita but I wouldn’t get a Vita for it.

  4. It looks like some platformer-adventure hybrid, which is reeealy cool :D

  5. Hmm.. Black & white platformer.. gory deaths sequences.. mechanical traps.. *coughlimbocough*

    • Yup. But two characters to control opens up for more kinds of puzzles.

      Anyway I love Limbo and I want this. Just hope they don’t go overboard on gimmicky ways to control the game.

  6. I like the look and concept of this

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