Community Round-Up: 03/02/12

At last January has ended, although this recent period of cold weather is certainly unwelcome!.Fear not, it’s time to grab yourself a warm drink and read this weeks’ Community Round-Up!

Tuesday night saw the rescheduled TSA Modern Warfare Master. Ten competitors battled it out across three game-modes over two stages. Rocket-345 and DrNate86 were sadly the two competitors that fell short at the end of Round 1, leaving eight competitors for the final round. There were a few connection issues, and so kindly BrendanCalls hosted.

In the first mode, Gun Game, bigmac175 was the first to get a kill with every gun, with his final kill being a double kill with the Javelin. The second game, One in the Chamber, was again won by bigmac with 5 kills and 2 deaths, closely followed by Death_in_Flamez going 5 for 3.

Due to some set-up issues, Bambo19 hosted the final Free For All game, although that didn’t solve much, and lag was pretty bad for all the competitors. Bambo ended up completely dominating, going 60 for 19, while bigmac came a distant second, at 28 for 27.

Bigmac’s strong showing in the first two games were undone by Bambo’s mighty win in the last game and he was crowned TSA’s Modern Warfare Master. He’ll also be recieving the £20 Insert Coin Voucher that was up for grabs, so congratulations to Bambo!

Moving onto the Meets section, let’s take a look at what events are happening in the coming week.

Due to Thursday’s PSN Maintenance, the Uncharted 3 Meet will be taking place tonight at 7pm, hosted by Bodachi. Whilst that’s going on, Yogdog brings us the Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Meet which kicks off at the same time.

TSA clearly loves DiRT3 as there are two meets taking place this week! R1MJAW hosts Sunday’s DiRT3 Meet at 6pm, and on Tuesday there’s a Meet at 8pm hosted by MadJunkBoy.

On Monday, Hunterstryfe is hosting the Payday: The Heist kicking off at 7pm, while at 8pm theberzerka hosts the usual Monday’s Motorstorm Madness meet.

Wednesday sees Death_in_Flamez hosts the F1 Meet, taking place at 8pm, before teflon braves the fickle PSN downtime schedule with another Uncharted 3 Meet on Thursday.

Make sure you keep an eye on the Meets section of the site if you’re interested in playing with you fellow TSAers, and remember you can host your own if you have more than 250 TSA points.

You know the drill by now, here’s a quick round up of this week’s reviews and previews. First up, Kris reviewed Soul Calibur V describing it as “probably the most visually impressive fighting game on the market”, while Jim took a look at PayDay: The Heist. Alex traveled back in time to play the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and Dan gave us an iOS Review Round-up, useful if anyone was lucky enough to get an iDevice for Christmas and is still clueless about what to put on it! [Most of these games are on Android too. – Tef]

Shifting gear into preview territory, it’s becoming obvious that the Vita is nearly here. Blair’s thumbs must be sore by now, as he seems to be constantly playing the new portable. First, he brings us a nice round up of the games at the PS Vita Rooms, before discussing if LBP Vita could be the equivalent to the App Store, with the community-based levels as the apps. He then moves on to giving us a Hands On with Gravity Rush, which he believes is “without a doubt, one to get your hands on”. Moving away from Sony’s imminent release, Dan takes a look at Asura’s Wrath, while Peter gets stuck in with Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.

On the article front, last week gave you the chance to finally meet a reader on TSA that’s actually called Tony, and also a chance to meet our Community Manager, who’s actually called Adam. As usual, you can let the world (or just TSA) know your thoughts for this week’s WeView, looking at Bulletstorm, or read the WeView Verdict for Batman: Arkham City from last week.

Jas-n brings us the January update for TSA’s [email protected] Team, while Greg presents us with the usual What We Played #38. Lastly, the resident crazy man that is Steven explains to us why he loves RPGs so much in his Guest Article.

Heading on into the Forums now, don’t forget to wipe your feet!

As always, there’s always a lot going on in there, I’ve just picked out a few things. If you’re heading to General Chat, don’t forget that there might be strong language and other shenanigans… This is why we make you log in to view it!

It’s been a total role reversal from last week as Chris Redfield has been absolutely demolished by your run-of-the-mill Colonial Marine, with an 8-1 victory to the Marine. With the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2 yesterday, we thought it would be a good idea to put one of the protagonists, Serah Farron, to the test.

The Colonial Marine


  • Slipperier than a jellied eel wriggling out of your buttery hands.
  • Military training, and comes in big groups. Space Marine!
  • Motion trackers, flamethrowers, machine guns… What’s not to like?


  • You never quite know when he’s going to turn up.
  • About as likely to survive as your average Star Trek Red Shirt… Face hugging might sound nice, but it’s honestly not a pleasant way to go.
  • No concept of duct tape, for that killer motion tracker-machine gun combo…

Serah Farron


  • Her pet, called Mog, can transform into some sort of crossbow/sword contraption called Starseeker.
  • Is Lightning’s younger sister, and fiancée to Snow Villiers. That has to count for something, right?
  • She is the first of Saturday Showdown’s Competitors to sport an acceptable hair style – her hair is tied back in a neat pony tail.


  • She looks about as frightening as a little rabbit with the word “boo!” painted on its nose.
  • Only has a single outfit to wear, although you’ll be able to buy her new clothes… Via DLC.
  • According to Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-, she is not as good as her sister in household chores.

Well that’s it for now, remember to get your votes in the comments below, and I’ll see you next week!

Every week I almost forget to credit the work he does to Gazza! He wrote all of this, you see, and should really get the attention for it. Will I remember next week?



  1. Serah would win.she would use her good girl looks to fool the Marine in thinking she is innocent then when his back is turned kick his Ass

  2. Congrats to Bambo on the MW3 comp, shame I pulled out on the last match, would have been good to see the win :/
    Serah gets my vote, the hair does it.

  3. Serah wins.
    Because she looks better. :P

  4. This is sort of a case of one charecter bringing a knife to a gun fight…. i vote for the marine

  5. Serah wins.

    Cuteness › Steroids

  6. Serah, without a doubt.
    she can keep a behemoth as a pet.
    what’s the xenomorph next to that thing?

  7. Serah. Whilst being pretty handy on her own, she has more useful friends.

  8. Yay! Gazzagb mentioned my article. *puts away the things he would have been forced to use to torture him.*:p.

    Serah would win as she’s a FF character. They tend to be able to use magic, summon the devil(and other monsters),and can press reset to start again. The marine just has a gun and would end up getting nuked by Ifrit before he can say WTF?!

    Also, i’m going to another guest article next week and i may be released onto the community round up at the end of Feb.

  9. I’m going to give it to the marine. Serah would need to stagger the marine to be of any use, which is unlikely to be before the marine pops a shell between her eyes.

  10. Come on, the marine would win the hands down!

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