Community Round-Up: 11/02/12

The cold weather may be putting a dampner on all our spirits, but chin up, the Vita is less than two weeks away for those among you lucky enough to be buying one! Anyway, let’s kick start this weeks’ Community Round-Up!

We’ve got 5 codes up for grabs for Mecho Wars, the PS Mini. All you need to do is come up with another meaning for ‘TBS’ (Turn Based Strategy), and 5 lucky winners will be recieving the codes. The two funniest entries will but win codes, but don’t worry if you’re not a professional comedian; we’ll also be giving codes to three winners selected at random.

As always there’s a good selection of Meets scheduled for the coming week, so let’s take a quick peek at what’s coming up. In just a few hours time, Freezebug will be hosting a Driver: San Francisco meet at 2pm. Later on tonight, Yogdog hosts the Warhammer 40K: Space Marine meet taking place at 7pm.

It looks as if there will be the two usual DiRT3 meets taking place this week, beginning with R1MJAW hosting Sunday’s DiRT3 meet at 6pm, and on Tuesday there’s a meet at 8pm hosted by MadJunkBoy.

Hunterstryfe is hosting the regular Payday: The Heist meet kicking off at 7pm on Monday, whilst at 8pm theberzerka hosts the usual Mondays Motorstorm Madness meet. Finally, we have two more regulars in the form of Wednesday’s Death_in_Flamez hosted F1 2011 meet, taking place at 8pm, and teflon’s Thursday duel with PSN maintenance in the Uncharted 3 meet!

Remember, you can set up your own meet provided you have at least 250 TSA Points.

TSA seems be having a few technical problems as I write this, but I’ll battle on, but only because I love you. Yes, you.

Anyway, first up Al took a look at the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, which seems like it won’t disappoint MGS fans and earned a 9/10. Next up is the The Darkness II, released yesterday, which also earned a 9/10, this time from Jim. TSA’s third 9/10 score this week came in Dan’s review of Grand Slam Tennis 2, whilst Jim bucked the trend, giving Dead Island’s Ryder White DLC a 5/10.

Although this week seems to have picked up a bit on the review side, previews have been a little quiet with just two coming this week. First was Tuffcub’s look at Spec Ops: The Line, whist Dan got an exclusive look at Futurlab’s new PSN Mini, Velocity.

For WeView this week, you can leave your comments for 3D Dot Game Heroes, or check out the verdict for Bulletstorm. Last weeks’ Meet The Reader interviewed R1MJAW, a feature that is worth a read as always.

Wrapping up with some wrap ups, Greg has provided us with What We Played #39, and Al has compiled the Ultimate Guide for the European Launch of Vita, a must-read for anyone with any interest in the Vita. Even if you’re not interested in the console it’s worth a read and might change you mind.

Heading on into the Forums, let’s see what’s happening!

There’s always a lot going on in the forums, and this is barely scratching the surface! Just remember that you have to be logged in to visit General Chat, and there might be rampant immaturity and the occasional crudity.

After last weeks’ showdown between the Colonial Marine and Serah Farron, it was the Final Fantasy maiden that came out on top [Wahey! – Tef] with an 8 – 3 victory. This week, Serah will go up against Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the star of the last three Assassins Creed games.

Serah Farron:


  • Her pet, called Mog, can transform into some sort of crossbow/sword contraption called Starseeker.
  • Is Lightning’s younger sister, and fiancée to Snow Villiers – that has to count for something, right?
  • She is the first of Saturday Showdown’s Competitors to sport an acceptable hair style – her hair is tied back in a neat pony tail.


  • She looks about as frightening as a little rabbit with the word “boo!” painted on its nose.
  • Only has one outfit to wear, although her wardrobe will be expanded in future DLC.
  • According to Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-, she is not as good as her sister in housework chores.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze:


  • A Master Assassin, and Mentbor (leader) of the Assassins Order.
  • Speed and agility combine perfectly for free-running, whilst he is also deadly with a hidden blade.
  • Has his own Brotherhood of Assassins that can be called upon.


  • Only able to survive great falls if there is a cart of hay below – if not, then he splats on the floor!
  • Trouble seems to follow him, no matter which city he visits.
  • Attracts men playing guitars, and women begging him for money. Often at the worse possible moments.

Well, that’s your lot for this week. Remember to comment below with your votes, and I’ll see you next week!

– Gazzagb by written was post this.



  1. I vote for Ezio because he was still kicking but when he was nearing his 60s.

  2. Nice round up. Some great games coming out atm, 3 X 9/10’s! :D Easy choice this week, Ezio!

  3. Great catch up, Ezio gets my vote.

  4. always love these round ups =D and i can finally play the Darkness II demo, have been downloading it for 3 days now… and the new PS update for 2 days but i can finally log in and play online now =D
    and the choise is pretty easy this week since i don’t knw who the woman is… Ezio is the winner!

  5. Definitely Ezio. The dude was kicking ass with his brotherhood for decades!

  6. Ezio from me, he’s a master assassin so could just kill anyone while they’re sleeping, without them even knowing he’s there.

  7. Ezio’s getting on a bit now though, isn’t he?
    and even in his prime, he’d have no chance against Serah’s pet behemoth.
    yeah i know it’s about the character and not their pets, but she had to beat it before it became her pet, so as tough as the behemoth is, she must be tougher.
    so Serah’s my choice.

    i’d love to give my view on 3D Dot Heroes, but sadly i’ve never actually played the game.
    i so want to though.

  8. Does it have to mean the same thing? (TBS)
    I think it stands for Testciularly bias scrotum.

  9. I’m going for Serah. Ezio is incredibly badass, but I think Serah’s youth counts for more over Ezio’s age, especially as Ezio only really trumps in sneaky assassinations, rather than an all out 1 on 1.

  10. Nice try Tef, Boom is hosting Payday not me lol

    • Bah! It was actually Gazza that made this mistake. I just didn’t catch in during the edit…

      Now shush, and accept the credit!

    • Woops, I just assumed it was you, sorry Boom!

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