Retro City Rampage Heading To PS3 And Vita

The Retro City Rampage devs have been teasing some news for a little while now, and have finally revealed that their game will be heading to PS3 and PS Vita!

The game is an 8-bit take on the GTA formula, promising an “over the top open-world crime game that combines everything you loved in classic games and mashes them up into a ‘toon town’ of nostalgia and parody.”


“Steal cars, and then jump on pedestrians for big shiny coins. Collect power-ups and outrun the law while rampaging the city, shooting a light gun or swinging your bionic arm.”

Sounds familiar, right?  But the art style is gorgeous, look:

“The PS Vita has been a dream to develop for as well,” said developer Brian Provinciano.

“I’ve developed for every console and handheld from the past decade, and the PS Vita’s development system is the best I’ve ever used. Sony’s simply gotten everything right, from the hardware to the tools and support.”



  1. Do want. Pixelated crime FTW!


  3. Not my idea of gorgeous.
    While I can like the style, I prefer my lines and edges to look smooth.
    Still, at least the colours are pretty.
    It’ll probably look a lot better in motion.

    Give me a demo, and you might get a sale.

  4. I think I need to see it running as I’m not in love with the C64 graphics on next gen hardware.

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